20(a) Provide the name and full description of the community that the applicant is committing to serve

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.madridComunidad de Madridmadrid.orgView

The .MADRID TLD application is submitted by the Region of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid), which is the Government of the region of Madrid region; analogous to the States in the Federal States of the USA) on behalf of, and for the Madrid community.

The following clauses (A), (B) and (C) describe the delineation of the Madrid community and corresponding policy principles of the .MADRID TLD.

(A) The Madrid community comprises individuals as citizens and legal entities with presence in the Region of Madrid. This territory comprises the 179 Municipalities, including the city of Madrid and its metropolitan area Madrid is the capital of Spain as established by art. 5 of the Spanish Constitution. A bona fide presence in the Madrid area may be determined by the following:

- residence in the Madrid area, or

- the pursuit of lawful business activities in the Madrid area, or

- the pursuit of cultural leisure, and sport activities in the Madrid area, or

- any other kind of direct or indirect presence that is generally accepted as legitimate for, and conducive to the welfare of, the Madrid area.

(B) Registration of domain names under the .MADRID TLD is restricted to members of the Madrid community and subject to the further requirement that the domain name registrant’s direct or indirect presence in the Madrid area and the registrant’s use of the domain name must be:

(1) of a kind that is generally accepted as legitimate and
(2) conducive to the welfare of the Madrid area and
(3) of commensurate quality to the role and importance of the respective domain name and
(4) based on good faith at the time of registration and thereafter.

(C) The government of the Region of Madrid, in relation to the requested .MADRID TLD, acts as the highest representative body for the Region of Madrid, as well as the representative of this community in dealings with other institutions of the Spanish state and its different administrative bodies, including the city of Madrid as state capital. In light of this, the full support of the Spanish Government has been obtained through the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, as well as for the Information Society and that of the city of Madrid, via its activities in the area of Economic Governance, Employment and Citizen Participation, with the common objective of establishing new channels for relationships based on good faith.

Answers to enumerated question points:

How the community is delineated from Internet users generally. Such descriptions may include, but are not limited to, the following: membership, registration, or licensing processes, operation in a particular industry, use of a language.

The Madrid community relates to the geographic area of the Region (Comunidad) of Madrid or the Madrid area, a described above. The Madrid area comprises the geographic urban areas of the city of Madrid. It is clearly recognizable by urban infrastructure, such as the local transport network in and around the City of Madrid. It also comprises 180 other municipalities of diverse size and character.

The delineation described under (A) above matches the reality of the Madrid community as it has existed since the advent of Madrid as a modern metropolis.

A Madrid community has existed for a long time. For as long as it has existed, those who belonged to it were those who had a bona fide presence in the urban area and its surroundings. With the advancement of civilization, new forms of presence (such as business or culture) have become generally accepted. A bona fide presence in the Madrid area may be direct or indirect, on the basis of domicile, activity, cultural links or any other constructive commitment to the Madrid area. It may be emanating from the area or be directed to the area.

Given the vast scope of a modern metropolitan community, and its surroundings, community membership always depends on context. This is why, for the purpose of domain registrations, the strength and quality of the registrant’s nexus must be commensurate to the role and importance of the domain name to the community.

In other words, a bona fide presence in the Madrid area (and thus community membership) is a necessary condition, NOT in itself a sufficient condition for the right to hold any imaginable .MADRID domain name. As the policy principles under (B) above description show, there are additional requirements specific to the intrinsic role and importance of the domain name in question. They concern in particular the nature of the registrant’s presence in the Madrid area and the registrant’s use of the domain name.

The wish to hold a .MADRID domain name is not in itself a sufficient indication of a bona fide presence in the Madrid area. Furthermore, if a person has been able to register a domain name in .MADRID, this does not in itself entitle that person to register any imaginable other .MADRID domain name.

How the community is structured and organized. For a community consisting of an alliance of groups, details about the constituent parts are required.

As any other modern metropolitan area, the Madrid community is organized to the highest degree. The Madrid area belongs to one single, highly integrated community. Because of if its importance and size, the community’s organization involves a number of public bodies and authorities on several levels (such as the Region, the Municipalities, and for the biggest among them, the Districts), treaties between public bodies, joint investments in public infrastructure companies, public-private partnerships, coordinated policies and legal frameworks that define the duties and prerogatives of each body. The public bodies are established by law and their representatives are democratically elected by universal suffrage. It goes without saying that private companies and cultural or welfare organizations also belong to the organization of the community.

When the community was established, including the date(s) of formal organization, if any, as well as a description of community activities to date.

The City of Madrid (and therefore the Greater Madrid Area) has existed as an organized community since Middle Age, having grown naturally over time. It has been the Court and then Capital of Spain since 1561.

The activities of the Madrid community are:
- the shared concerns and pursuits of the residents and stakeholders of the Madrid area (along with their organizations or public bodies)
- the shared use of the infrastructure and services of the Madrid area, such as transport, telecommunications, as well as culture, education, welfare and leisure,
- a strong focus for tourism, including leading role in cultural tourism (Madrid is the seat, for instance, of the World Tourism Organization).
- the role of the City of Madrid as capital of Spain.

The Madrid community includes extensive activities in the digital world specific to the Greater Madrid Community, both in the form of e-government services and public authorities’ contributions to the development of information society. The .MADRID TLD is designed to be directly related to the activities of the Madrid community, including fostering the use of electronic administration and promoting political and social participation.

The current estimated size of the community, both as to membership and geographic extent.

The population of the Madrid area is in the order of 7 million inhabitants. The geographic extension of the Madrid Region is at 8.021 square kilometers.

The Madrid Region comprises, beyond the City of Madrid, 179 Municipalities that can be found on www.madrid.org

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