23 Provide name and full description of all the Registry Services to be provided

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.政府Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.net-chinese.com.twView

23-1 Registry Service Description

As a ccTLD manager, TWNIC is responsible for .tw, .台灣 and .台湾domain name registration management. And TWNIC provides technical support for .kn. It has been the main mission for TWNIC to provide domain name registration service serving the best interests of Internet users since 2000. The registry services for registrars and registrants are provided as below:
- Registry-Registrar Shared Registration Service (SRS)
- Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
- Domain Name System (DNS)
- Dissemination of TLD zone files
- IPv6 Support
- Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
- Additional Proposed Registry Services

Detailed information is provided as below.

Registry-Registrar Shared Registration Service (SRS)

TWNIC will use EPP as Registry-Registrar Shared Registration Service interface. The firewalls guarantee security, allowing the Registry and the Registrar to perform transactions with greatly reduced risk of sensitive data being compromised.
The load balancer allows the traffic to be equally distributed over several hardware components, reducing the risk of downtime caused by hardware or software failure in the Registry servers. Also, the capacity for registrations can be increased. More details are described in the Question 24 SRS Performance.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

The EPP system will be used to manage the domain registration in the .政府TLD. Registrars connect to this EPP system to submit the domain registration requests by creating a TCP⁄IP over SSL session to registry.
The .政府Registry is proposed to be a thick Registry model. This implies that the .政府Registry database system will store the information of the SLD holder of the domain and the contacts (admin and technical) of the SLD holder along with the information of the Registrar who registered the domain. More details are described in the Question 25 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).


The .政府Registry will provide WHOIS service to the Registrars and the public. The .政府Registry is based on the thick model, the WHOIS server will provide the following information:
- Domain name
- Registrar
- Registrant, admin. and technical contact’s name and contact information
- Nameservers
- Create, update and expiration date
- Status

The following WHOIS options will be provided:
- Standard WHOIS (Port 43)
- Standard WHOIS (Web-based)

More details are described in the Question 26 Whois.

Domain Name System (DNS)

TWNIC will use dynamic update on .政府DNS for quick response to registrant’s nameservers update, and there are 12 locations around the world to host the DNS servers for .政府. For security and performance issues, BGP anycast and load balance devices will be adopted to guarantee the service quality. More details are described in the Question 35 DNS Service.

Dissemination of TLD Zone Files

TWNIC uses BIND and NSD software for .政府DNS service which support incremental update, any nameserver update to the .政府. SRS will trigger a stored procedure in real-time to do dynamic update and transfer to all .政府DNS servers.
Additional information on the DNS updates may be found in the response to Question 35.

IPv6 Support

All DNS servers for .政府will provide IPv6 resolution service. More details are provided in the Question 36 IPv6 Reachability.


TWNIC will implement RFC5910 on EPP system for the provisioned management of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) for domain names stored in a shared central repository. For DNS, TWNIC uses NSEC3 for authenticated denial of existence in DNS response, SHA-256 for Delegation Signer Resource Records. More details are described in the Question 43 DNSSEC.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)

TWNIC follows RFC 3743 and RFC 4713 to implement Internationalized domain name (IDN) registration for .政府TLD. The DNS servers comply with RFC 5891, RFC 5892, RFC 5893 and RFC 5895 for DNS resolution. The WHOIS service provides U-label (utf-8 encoding) and A-label (punycode) queries and to display both U-label and A-label.

The variant table, registration policy and other details are described in the Question 44 IDNs.

Additional Proposed Registry Service

Like Data Escrow and Dynamic WHOIS Updates, the Registry Services will be described on the related questions.

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