18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.网络Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China Internet Network Information Center)cnnic.cnView

18b.1 The goals of ʺ.网络ʺ in terms of specialty, service levels and reputation are:

18b.1.1 Specialty

(1) Inherent with CNNIC’s mission and knowledge on IDN development, the Chinese TLD ʺ.网络ʺ will enable Chinese language users to use domain names in their mother language effectively and to a certain extent, carry forward the Chinese language and culture among consumers and software vendors.

(2) The ʺ.网络ʺ will satisfy the unmet demand from the Internet service industry community by offering them with the first truly global Chinese gTLD. ʺ.网络ʺ will help those various Chinese language network applications to market their brands among Chinese language users, protect their Chinese trademarks and, above all, evolve further Internet innovation.

18b.1.2 Service Level

(1) CNNIC will implement much stricter Service Level Agreements (SLAs) than requirement of ICANN in order to minimize unscheduled down time due to maintenance. More importantly, CNNIC will provide for redundancy of mechanisms to prevent outages and near real time updates to critical services, such as Whois and zone file generation for registrar transactions.

(2) CNNIC will establish a 7⁄24 customer service and complaint center for registrars, registrants and the general Internet community with overall satisfaction rate exceeding 90% with respect to the survey of registrants and registrars conducted by a third party.

18b.1.3 Reputation
(1)ʺ.网络ʺ will be the first truly global Chinese gTLD in the DNS, satisfying the demand from global Internet service industry for a Chinese string that is not constrained by limited geographic applicability;

(2) CNNIC is expected to provide all registrars with a fair competition platform. CNNIC will also provide more transparency for registrars and the public at large, while at the same time protecting privacy interests.

(3) CNNIC will continuously endeavor to maintain its image and reputation of being a secure and reliable domain by taking such measures as registrant information authentication, comprehensive trademark protection and information security management.

18b.2 The influence of ʺ.网络ʺ in terms competition, differentiation, and innovation are:

18b.2.1 Differentiation with Existing TLDs

(1)ʺ.网络ʺ will differentiate itself with existing ASCII TLDs. Due to the long-term operation and global layout of some incumbent TLDs, most of their high value domain names which are short and easy to memorize have been registered, and users have to pay high cost to obtain domain names that exactly match the names of their organizations and brands. In contrast, as a new gTLD with a larger space for innovation, ʺ.网络ʺ, in full compliance with the naming convention of Internet service brands and application products in Chinese language, can help the registrants to expand their offerings and content, as well as their brand identity in Chinese consumers..

(2) ʺ.网络ʺ is also different from current CDN ccTLDs such as ʺ.中国ʺ and ʺ.香港ʺ, for it is specialized in serving global Chinese language community without obvious restriction by territory. CNNIC is intended to engage 100% participation of its global licensed registrars, making “.网络” string as a globalized brand in the communities of Chinese language Internet service providers, and facilitate their promotion in the entire global Chinese user market.

18b.2.2 Enhanced Competition in Domain Name Services

(1) The introduction of ʺ.网络ʺ will foster competition between CNNIC and the existing TLD registry operators. Such competition will benefit consumers as it will encourage all registries including other potential registries to offer better services and prices, and boost the overall acceptance of CDN in the end-users.

(2) In order to ensure that all contracted registrars participate in domain name competition in a fair manner, CNNIC will stay neutral and not discriminate or bias against any domain name registrars as required by ICANN, maintain equality in the provision of information, policies, technical assistance and prices for all registrars, and invite registrars and third party independent observers to conduct supervision over it.

18b.2.3 Support for Internet Innovation

(1) The proposed gTLD will expand and diversify the global reach of the DNS, which will make it very convenient for registrants to register Chinese domain names that exactly match their idea of internet innovations with Chinese language appearance, thus avoiding the problem of confusion caused by alphabetical names;

(2) CNNIC attempt to establish technically feasible solutions thus assuring operational stability, while at the same time providing innovative improvement to the current system thus offering continuous enhancing registry services.

(3) CNNIC will endeavor to promote products suitable for registrants in support of Chinese language Internet application, and actively encourage cooperation with software and mobile application vendors to drive the development of rising Chinese TLDs.

18b.3 The goals of ʺ.网络ʺ in terms of user experience are:

(1) ʺ.网络ʺ domain names will be more applicable to users with Chinese input, reading and memory habits, make it easier to be memorized by such users, and reduce the chance of causing confusion of domain names among end-users;

(2) ʺ.网络ʺ domain names will be made available to Chinese language Internet service community throughout the world, help them protect Chinese trademarks and brand names in a more effective manner, and promote their products in the Chinese language community efficiently;

(3) ʺ.网络ʺ domain name will be provided in strict compliance with policies on domain name abuse prevention and right protection, and reasonable domain name monitoring will be conducted to control the percentage of abusive domain name registration under 3% and ensure that DNS services are secure and reliable;

(4) ʺ.网络ʺ domain name will guarantee the service levels of DNS, SRS and Whois and ensure business continuity based on operation of CNNIC, by implementing active network improvement as well as effective operation monitoring measures;

(5) ʺ.网络ʺ domain name services will be provided in a strictly neutral manner without discriminating or biasing against any domain name user, and timely customer services will be rendered and effective complaint mechanism will be put in place to increase the level of satisfaction with services.

18b.4 Complete Description of Registration Policies in Support of the Goals Listed Above

18b.4.1 Naming Conventions for ʺ.网络ʺ Domain Names

(1) CNNIC will abide by full Internet standards regarding naming and reserved names, including RFC 1034, RFC 1123, RFC 2606, and RFC 2352, RFC3743 and RFC4713. Its URL form will be 〈registrant-defined prefix〉.〈domain name〉.〈gTLD〉.

(2) Applicant are allowed to register second-level ʺ.网络ʺdomain names comprised of simplified or traditional Chinese characters, ASCII letters a-z (equivalence between uppercase and lowercase letters), digits 0-9 or hyphen ʺ-ʺ. A domain name may contain up to 20 Chinese characters.
Note: Our policy will mandate that when an IDL is registered, all variant IDLs in the IDL package are unavailable to other name holders. In addition to the registered IDL, the registry will activate Simplified whole string and Traditional whole string IDLs to the same registrant⁄applicant for free.

(3) Single character or two character ASCII domain names will be reserved for application initially.

(4) Hyphen ʺ-ʺ may not be placed at the beginning or end.

(5) Hyphen ʺ-ʺ may not be placed at the third or fourth place, with exception to valid a-label.

(6) Other names that contain contents prohibited by laws of P.R. China and ICANNʹs regulations shall not be allowed to be registered.

18b4.2. Registrants

ʺ.网络ʺ registration applicants are divided into two categories: Organizational Registrant and Natural Person Registrant. Organizational registrants which represent an enterprise, shall be organizations registered under the laws of the country or region where the applicant is located and capable of undertaking civil liabilities. Natural Person registrant shall be all individual human-being registered with real identity.

ʺ.网络ʺ registrars shall strictly review the identity certificate submitted by registration applicants, and decline applications with incoherent information on the application form, so as to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of registration records in the Whois.

18b4.3 Registrars

CNNIC will offer all registrars that are accredited by ICANN pursuant to the ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement (ʺRAAʺ) (as it may be amended by ICANN from time to time) the opportunity to register domain names in the proposed gTLD. CNNIC will not restrict the number of qualifying registrars that may register names in the proposed gTLD and will treat all qualifying registrars equally.

18b4.3.1 Registrar License Agreement

Any registrars seeking to register domain names in the proposed gTLD will be required to execute a Registry-Registrar Agreement (ʺRRAʺ), which will govern the relationship between the registrar and CNNIC.

The RRA will enable CNNIC to reject registration requests from a registrar that is not in compliance with the RRA or any ʺ.网络ʺ registration policy (refer to Question 28). CNNIC will continue to reject such requests until the registrar ceases its non-compliance.

18b 4.4 Rights Protection Mechanism of ʺ.网络ʺ Domain

To ensure that the Chinese domain nameʺ.网络ʺ will not affect the trademark rights and other rights owned by any third party and maintain the stability ofʺ.网络ʺ operation, CNNIC will, based on the domain name management measures of China and applicable provisions of ICANN, set rights protection mechanism to the following four aspects in terms of registration:

(1) CNNIC will set up a Sunrise Period 30 working days only for registration by validated national recognized trademark holders before the launch of ʺ.网络ʺ to the general public.(Please see Question 29 for details)

(2) CNNIC will, within 60 days upon making available for general public, provide Trademark Claims service for all trademarks included in the Trademark Clearing House(TMCH)(Please see Question 29 for details).

(3) Registrars are required to obtain true and accurate registration information from all domain name registrants based on identification authentication.

(4) For the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the general public and preventing domain name abuse, CNNIC will provide pre-registration pre-screening and determine whether the domain names applied and the registration information violate the provisions of ʺChina Internet Domain Name Regulationsʺ (please refer to http:⁄⁄www1.cnnic.cn⁄html⁄Dir⁄2005⁄03⁄24⁄2861.htm).

(5) Including a provision in the RRA that permits CNNIC to preclude a registrar from registering additional domain names in the proposed gTLD in the event that the registrar violates any of the provisions contained in this section regarding the protection of intellectual property.

(6) CNNIC will include provisions in the RRA requiring registrars to abide by the decisions of the UDRP agents and any court of proper jurisdiction, but it shall not be responsible for making determinations regarding intellectual property rights. CNNIC will also regulate itself and respond to dispute in accordance with the Trademark Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure(PDDRP), Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) and other applicable policies on dispute resolution in case of any dispute against CNNIC.

18b.4.5 Domain name transfer, update and cancellation

Registrars may only accept transfer requests from individuals with apparent authority to legally bind the registrant. CNNIC will streamline this process by implementing a system under which only those with the necessary user name and password and personal identification will be able to request or authorize a transfer. By implementing a user name and password system, CNNIC will ensure that the individual requesting the transfer is authorized to make the transfer.

In terms of domain name records update and cancellation, such operation is to be confirmed upon verification of the user name and password. Domain name registrars shall, within 3 working days upon receiving applications filed by domain name registrants for the domain name records update or cancellation, submit the applications to CNNIC for further verification. Without domain name holders’ consent, domain name registrars may not conduct such operations as the update or cancellation of domain name registration.

18b.4.6 Dispute resolution

CNNIC will follow ICANNʹs policies with respect to dispute resolution, including adoption of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, and cooperation with Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) as the same may be amended from time. The registrars shall actively cooperate with the court, arbitration institution or ICANN designated domain name dispute resolution institution on the resolution of domain name disputes.

All registrars shall take necessary measures during the period of domain name dispute resolution to ensure that the domain name involved is not cancelled or transferred, and shall take further steps with respect to the domain name in a timely manner upon receiving the judgment on the dispute.

18b.4.7 Billing and Collection

In order to combat domain tasting, and in accordance with current ICANN policy including the RAA, the registrars shall charge the domain name holder for operation of the domain name. If a registrar does not receive payment for a domain name registration within forty five days after the payment becomes due, then the registrar will be obligated to cancel the registration and return the domain name to the general registry pool of available names.

18b.5 Protection for the Privacy or Confidential Information of Registrants or Users

CNNIC must maintain the trust of the registrars and the consumers. Therefore, CNNIC will not market, in any way, the registrant information obtained from registrars for purposes of running the registry, nor will it share that data with any unrelated third parties. CNNIC will only have access to such data as is necessary for operation of the registry itself and will use that data only for registry operation.

CNNIC will provide registrars with a security mechanism for accessing and correcting personal data and will take reasonable steps to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction. To further secure registrant data, each registrant will have a secure password for the registry records. Moreover all registrars and the registry itself along with its employees will be required to abide by all applicable international, national, and local laws.

18b.5.1 Whois and Privacy Policy

CNNIC will strive to maintain open access to registrant information to the extent compatible with applicable privacy laws and ʺ.网络ʺ policy of treating all registrants equitably. In addition, via the RRA, the CNNIC will require registrars to post privacy policies that provide clear and complete notice to registrants of the type of data that will be collected and maintained by CNNIC, the use of such data in operating the registry service, (including display through the Whois service), and the registrantʹs rights to access and correct data maintained by CNNIC. Clear consent to such data practices will be a prerequisite to the submission of a domain name registration request. CNNIC itself will not use the Whois service to send unsolicited e-mail to registrants, to solicit registrants by telephone, or to otherwise engage in unauthorized uses of their data.

18b.5.2 Bulk Access Provisions

ʺ.网络ʺ Whois system will also provide interested third parties with bulk access to the full Whois database on a subscription basis in a machine-readable format. Bulk access will provide intellectual property owners with the ability to more effectively police their marks while reducing the load on the core Whois system.

CNNIC, via the registrars, will require any bulk access customer to enter into an agreement prohibiting the customer from using the Whois database to send unsolicited e-mail to registrants, solicit them by telephone or use the database for other such commercial purposes.

18b.5.3 Database Security

ʺ.网络ʺ Whois database only allows query operations and does not allow such operations as writing-in, modification and deletion. Special network segment will be set for the database to isolate the Whois information query database from the network of the registration system, and strict systematic access control and employee supervision will also be conducted.

18b.6 Outreach and Communications

18b.6.1 Overview

To achieve our projected benefits described in 18.a and 18.b, CNNIC is obliged to conduct a series of publicity work to fulfill ICANNʹs mission to enhance the functionality and usability of the Internet on a global basis. These efforts are intended to create enhanced global awareness of the Internet, its growth, and its evolution from ASCII architecture to a resource with broad appeal that transcends cultural boundaries.

18b.6.2 Timing and Publicity Schedule

(1) Warm-Up Period: Warm-Up Period will last for six months in the start-up period.

(2) Sunrise Period: Sunrise Period will be launched after the warm up period, 30 days before general availability.

(3) Land Rush Period: Land Rush Period will follow the sunrise period and is estimated to last for 60 days.

(4) Follow-up Period: Follow-up period will be after initial launch of normal registration services.

18b.6.3 Communication Effectiveness

CNNIC anticipate the prospective effectiveness of its communication plan as following:

18b.6.3.1 Warm-up period

CNNIC expects that it will license over 40 ICANN accredited domestic registrars for “.网络” registration services covering major Chinese language user communities in Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania and Latin America. Followed up cooperation will be discussed in this period.

Meanwhile strategic alliance with other corporation including MIIT, Internet Society of China, 12321 Center, TMCH Provider and other ICANN designated parties will also be made in this period for further cooperation on the operation of ʺ.网络ʺ.

18b.6.3.2 Sunrise Period

As described in description of ʺ.网络ʺTLD Policies, CNNIC will implement a Sunrise Period to permit owners of subsisting trademark or service mark registrations having national effect to be eligible to register their trademark or service mark as a domain name, using both ASCII and Chinese characters. CNNIC will make all policy decisions and process details transparent through published articles and speaking engagements in advance and during the Sunrise period.

18b.6.3.3 Land Rush Period

CNNIC anticipates a significant rush for domain name registrations during the Land Rush Period, which will commence immediately following the aforementioned period. CNNIC will launch an advertising campaign to secure coverage in mass media and trade media to reach both the individual Internet user and the Internet service community. Regional events will be staged to create maximum awareness and acceptance of the new gTLD.

18b.6.3.4 Followed up period

CNNIC will, through feedback from the market, gradually consolidate the brand image of the ʺ.网络ʺ domain name in a subtle way and win trust and acknowledgment of users. Particularly, it is especially important in the follow-up period to cooperate with registrars to build long-term domain name sales and host promotion activities to pull up the applications of the ʺ.网络ʺ domain names.

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