18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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18. Part C – Operating Rules

18.7 Application process
Application process - Internal users
The communication department will Group Corporate Communication (GCC) department will coordinate and address all requests for and usages of the ʺ.pictetʺ TLD.

Application process - Distributors and business partners for co-branding
Distributors or business partners may be awarded the use of the corporate TLD upon the decision by the marketing and communication department. All applications will require validation by the committee as defined above.

Application process - Pictet family members
Pictet family members will have the opportunity to apply for a domain name on a first-come⁄first served basis. All applications should be addressed to the communication department and will undergo an evaluation process to evaluate non-interference of the domain name required and the bankʹs activities.

18.8 Cost benefits for registrants

The pricing policies will differ according to the usages of the ʺ.pictetʺ. Only usage by family members for commercial purposes will be charged. The pricing wonʹt be subject to cost benefits.

Fees - Internal users
No fees will be charge for internal usages.

Fees - Distributors and business partners
No fees will be charge to distributors or business partners.

Fees - Pictet family members
Pictet family members will have the opportunity to request the use of the ʺ.pictetʺ extension.
• The use of the TLD will be provided free of charge for non-commercial site based on the full name of a family member: ex: www.jean-francois.pictet.
• Commercial usages will be charged at an operational fee of CHF 5,000 per year; for instance: www.travel.pictet.

18.9 Contractual commitments

Contractual terms & conditions will differ according to the usages of the ʺ.pictetʺ.

Internal users - Contractual terms & conditions
No contractual commitments will apply to internal users. The GCC department will operate the ʺ.pictetʺ similarly to their current operations for the ʺpictet.genereic TLDsʺ.

Distributors and business partners - Contractual terms & conditions
Distributors or business partners will be granted the use of the ʺ.pictetʺ extension on the basis of a five years contractual agreement.

Pictet family members - Contractual terms & conditions
Family members will be offered the option to obtain initial domain name registrations on the basis of a five years contractual agreement.

Case 1: domain name based on a family memberʹs name; ex: jean-francois.pictet, and for non-commercial usages: free-of-charge

Case 2: domain name for commercial usages based or not on a family memberʹs name; ex: ex: jean-francois.pictet for commercial usages or travel.pictet
Annual fees will be CHF 5,000. Annual fees will be re-evaluated at the contract termination based on the Swiss consumer price index (CPI).

For internal uses, Pictet the GCC department will monitor the content posted on the ʺ.pictetʺ TLD as it is already the procedure for Pictetʹs web presence.
For external uses, Pictet will have a right of inspection on the content posted on domain names using the ʺ.pictetʺ TLD to verify its compliance with the Pictet & Cie code of conduct, ethics and business activities.

Note : All above prices are excluding VAT.

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