18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.aramcoAramco Services Companyaramco.usView

Describe the mission⁄purpose of your proposed gTLD.
As explained in 11(c) hereto, Aramco Services Company is the US affiliate of Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and the acquirer of the a new .aramco gTLD and its Arabic equivalent. Our acquisition of new gTLDs will serve several purposes, chief among them the unification of our global network of affiliates under a common identity. New gTLDs will also increase awareness of and strengthen the identity of Saudi Aramco as one of the world’s leading energy companies. Saudi Aramco has embarked on an ambitious expansion program in Saudi Arabia and internationally, and new gTLDs will help us present a unified and coherent profile to the general public, potential business partners, material and service suppliers, job seekers, the media and others.
Saudi Aramco is involved in a diverse array of businesses in Saudi Arabia, North America, Europe and Asia. We are moving into new areas of business, including ventures with global chemicals and refining companies, and also are expanding our efforts in Saudi Arabia to promote new business development, entrepreneurship and sustainability programs such as energy efficiency and environmental awareness. New gTLDs create for us the opportunity to gather all of these affiliates and programs under one unified domain name. This creates a stronger identity for Saudi Aramco, domestically and globally, clarifies the scope and scale of our operations and the breadth and reach of our corporate social responsibility programs. In addition, new gTLDs for Aramco provide us with the ability to add a significant number of second-level domain names as Saudi Aramco continues to expand its activities.
Furthermore, the new gTLDS will clarify to the general public and to Internet search engines what is an official Saudi Aramco-affiliated website and what is not. Saudi Aramco frequently confronts the issue of other companies or individuals setting up websites that claim to represent Saudi Aramco. These non-sanctioned and unaffiliated websites can potentially damage our reputation and image and, in some cases, are designed with the purpose of committing fraud. For example, some of these unaffiliated websites claim to act as purchasing agents for material supplies or as investment companies acting on behalf of Saudi Aramco. By owning our own .aramco and its Arabic equivalent domains, we will be able to control the second-level domains and ensure that only genuine Saudi Aramco affiliate companies are registered under the .aramco and its Arabic equivalent gTLDs. This will clarify for the general public and potential business partners, vendors and suppliers what is an official Saudi Aramco website.
Further supporting our gTLD application is the effort to avoid damage to our reputation by potential “rogue” websites during times of crisis. As an international petroleum company, we are well aware of the damage suffered to BP’s image during the Macando Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster when a website that mimicked the official BP website was launched. This rogue website generated considerable media attention, amplified via social media sites, and caused considerable embarrassment to BP and contributed to the harm inflicted on the company’s reputation during the crisis. Our .aramco and its Arabic equivalent gTLDs would help reduce the chance of a rogue website being launched during a crisis and, if one is launched, minimize confusion among the media and general public and lessen the potential damage to our reputation.

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