20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.swissSwiss Confederationbakom.admin.chView

The applicant is the Government of the Swiss Confederation. It is democratically elected by universal suffrage and has the authority to make key decisions on behalf and in the interest of all community stakeholders.

The Swiss community extends beyond the territorial borders of the Swiss Confederation.

Switzerland as a federal state is built on the principle of subsidiarity. While most regulation regarding e.g. education, health and taxation is in the competence of regional and local authorities, the regulation of the telecommunication market and the internet in general lies with the federal government. Further, the federal government is responsible for the use of names like “Switzerland” or “Swiss” not only but also in relation to the internet. For these reasons, the Swiss Confederation assumes the stewardship of the .swiss TLD, in consultation with relevant Swiss public authorities and private sector stakeholders .

The Swiss federal government, the regional and local authorities collaborate with a wide array of community organizations for sustainable political, economic and social development, welfare, culture, education and leisure. This includes community organizations that specialize in the development of the digital economy, e-government and information society. The Swiss Confederation will build upon existing relationships to set up an effective and transparent governance process for the .swiss TLD.

Switzerland’s accountability mechanisms are built on the principle of separation of powers (legislative, executive and judiciary powers) and direct democracy. The government of the Swiss Confederation, the governments of Cantons belonging to the Confederation, as well as local authorities are democratically elected by universal suffrage. The governance process for the .swiss TLD is rooted in the public accountability mechanism defined by law. In addition, the .swiss TLD will have specific policy-oversight and consultation mechanisms.

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