18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.swissSwiss Confederationbakom.admin.chView

The purpose of the TLD .swiss is to serve the Swiss community, defined as the community of individuals, legal entities and public institutions with a bona fide presence in Switzerland. (See responses to Question 20 regarding community delineation).

The goals of the .swiss TLD are:

(a) to facilitate digital communications to, from and within the Swiss community;
(b) to support and promote the international visibility and renown of Switzerland and the Swiss community, Swiss culture, monuments and institutions, as well as economic and social activities, in the common interest of the Swiss community;
(c) to represent a long-term community-wide shared effort to strengthen the value and prestige of Swiss arts, culture, products and services, to meet consumer expectations and enhance consumer confidence;
(d) to preserve the geographical, linguistic and social meaning of the word “Swiss”;
(e) to provide a platform for the development of the Swiss community in cyberspace.

This is to be achieved by:
(i) actively designing and developing the .swiss TLD name space as a highly distinctive label of merit;
(ii) ensuring that registrations of domains in the .swiss TLD are reserved to content generally accepted as truly and deservedly representative of the label “Swiss” in accordance with the relevant Swiss legislation;
(iii) operating the .swiss TLD under the stewardship of the Swiss federal government in consultation with the regional (cantonal) and local public authorities of Switzerland as well as private sector stakeholders;
(iv) using the .swiss TLD as an internationally distinctive label for renowned products, services, monuments and places of Switzerland;
(v) promoting and continuously improving the concept of “Swiss Quality” in products and services from Switzerland;
(vi) protecting the label “Swiss” as an indication of origin or source;
(vii) applying the fundamental principle of prudence: starting with a conservative registration policy in order to establish quality of and confidence in the .swiss TLD and then gradually opening up the policy to the extend possible.

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