18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.pruPrudential Financial, Inc.partridgeiplaw.comView

Applicant expects the operation of its closed branded TLD to provide a range of benefits including:

1. Applicant and its related entities, as the registrants of the domain names in the TLD, will benefit from the enhanced security, stability, and recognition of its Internet operations. The branded TLD will permit Applicant to insure that its Internet presence, through websites and email messages, is owned and controlled by Applicant. Applicant will also benefit from enhanced recognition of the PRU brand and enhanced reputation in the technology market as a leader in the use of a secure TLD in its internal and external communications.
2. Applicant’s customers and other Internet users will benefit from the assurance that any communication or website that contains the applied for TLD string originates with and is controlled by the Applicant, thereby avoiding or reducing the risk of phishing, online confusion, and cybersquatting.
3. Additionally, Applicant expects the business model associated with the applied for gTLD will benefit the Internet community in general by creating a business model which can be emulated by others, by enhancing the perception of the Internet as a stable and secure marketplace, and by encouraging the use of branded TLDs to reduce the risk of phishing, confusion, and cybersquatting.

The goal of the TLD is to provide customers, consumers and Internet users with a trusted, branded TLD relating to products and services of an established leader in the financial, insurance, and investment industries. This will provide enhanced levels of service for users seeking products and services in Applicant’s field. The reputation of Applicant’s established brand applied to a dedicated TLD will enhance consumer confidence in the online market and also enhance Applicant’s reputation as a trusted online presence.

In the current gTLD space, it is difficult for Applicant’s customers to separate legitimate use of Applicant’s domain names from minor variations designed to trade on Applicant’s brand but not controlled or authorized by Applicant. The proposed TLD provides specific differentiation with other gTLDs . As a general business practice, Applicant believes the use of a branded TLD will lead others to seek improved differentiation online and to enhance online stability and security. This competition between branded TLDs in the online market will benefit Internet users through improved online security and reduced confusion arising from unauthorized domain names clutter the online market.

User experience in the proposed TLD will be enhanced in several ways. First, users seeking services in the financial, insurance, and investment industries will quickly be able to locate a market leader based on its branded TLD with less clutter than currently exists due to uninhibited registration of similar names. Second, users will have the assurance that websites and email messages from the branded TLD are authorized, owned, and controlled by the brand owner that stands behind the name. Finally, the ability to locate a company by name, without the risk of unauthorized third parties co-existing with derivative names, improves user confidence and reliance on the online market.

The TLD registry policies that support these goals include:
1. A closed registry in which ownership of domain names is restricted to the brand owner and its affiliates. The registry is a closed branded TLD. Therefore, the only qualified domain registration owners are controlled by the brand owner, enhancing security, confidence, and recognition.
2. A reduced number of potential domain names, which maintains the distinctiveness of the allowed domain names and reduces customer and user confusion.
3. Best in class dispute resolution policies, including the UDRP, URS, and Trademark Clearinghouse, managed by the best qualified providers.
4. Online privacy protection, managed by the best in class privacy service partners.

Privacy in the TLD is maintained by the fact that the TLD registrant is limited to the brand owner and its affiliates. User information privacy is assured by Applicant’s ongoing adherence to the highest standards of privacy imposed by international law.

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