20(e) Provide a description of the applicant's intended registration policies in support of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.geaGEA Group Aktiengesellschaftgeagroup.comView

Beyond the provisions of the New gTLD Agreement the following policies are imposed:

* Eligibility *
The right to register domain names under the TLD .GEA only belongs to the GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft (“GEA”). Therefore it acts both as a registry for the TLD .GEA, as well as registrant of domain names under the TLD .GEA. As far as GEA acts as registrant of domain names, it is party to the relevant registration by the registrar. The registration and or management of domain names through a trustee, so-called proxy service is not permitted.

* Name Selection *
All characters and strings of ASCII code with 1-63 characters can be registered as a domain name. Domain names with two characters are temporarily not allowed. If at the request of the Registry at ICANN domain names with two characters will be released, these are also available for registration. Also all ʺInternationalized Domain Namesʺ (all available IDN Table) can be registered. This means that all character sets that contain a hyphen both at the third and fourth place, are excluded from registration.
Reserved and excluded from registration by an accredited registrar are all domain names defined in ʺSpecification to the ʺRegistry Agreement of the Applicant Guidebook” (currently as of 01⁄11⁄2012). In ʺSpecification 5ʺ, paragraph 4, reserved domain names, according to the ʺSpecification to ʺRegistry Agreement of the Applicant Guidebook” (currently as of 11.01.2012) are registered by the Registry directly. In accordance with ʺSpecification 5ʺ, paragraph 2 and 5, reserved domain names can be registered by an accredited registrar, according to the ʺSpecification to ʺRegistry Agreement of the Applicant Guidebook” (currently as of 01⁄11⁄2012) after release.
All registered domain names under .GEA have to support the mission and purpose stated in Q18a.

* Content and use of registered domain names *
GEA operates services, especially websites and email services, which are associated or connected with a registered domain name, by herself. She is entitled to authorize the use and operation of such DNS-based services to third parties. In this respect the only authorized entities are GEA and all affiliated entities of GEA (in particular parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, or otherwise connected companies that the ICANN definition of ʺaffiliateʺ in the ʺRegistry Agreement of the Applicant Guidebook, Version: 11.01.2012, § 2, 9c corresponds to). The use of registered domain names and related services is permitted only for business-related purposes of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. A domain name cannot be made available for use by a third party who is not entitled to use.

* Enforcement *
The registry has established three arbitration proceedings outside the jurisdiction generally. This is the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄help⁄dndr⁄udrp), Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS according to Applicant Guidebook, Version 11.01.2012) and the Trademark Dispute Resolution Procedures Post-delegation (PDDRP according to Applicant Guidebook, include module 5, §5.4.1, Version 11⁄01⁄2012). All registry accredited registrars are required to include UDRP, URS and PDDRP, as applicable part in the registration agreement. If a UDRP proceedings brought by a non-authorized third party in which the third party prevails, the third party cannot achieve the transfer of the domain name, but only the deletion of the domain.

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