18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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18 b. How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?
The primary goal is to provide consistent ⁄ standard and unified branding across all web sites for members of the Co-operative Retailing System and all members will be represented within and users of, the .crs gTLD. With a new branded top level domain, we have the opportunity to acquire the desired domain name for the benefit of all of our members and provide greater authenticity and security on the internet and strengthen our brand. Acquiring and operating the branded top level domain will unify the digital presence of the Co-operative Retailing System. This will also provide users and members peace of mind, as they will always know that they are on a trusted domain. Our top level domain will greatly enhance the user experience through enhanced connected online experiences in a safe and secure environment. For example, the .crs top level domain will:
* create efficiencies by facilitating economies of scale in tracking data and information for the Applicant and CRS members;
* create consistent online brand presence which will not only preserve brand integrity and distinctiveness for the benefit of the Applicant and CRS members, but will also further differentiate from the products and services offered by others in the online community thereby enhancing the online experience for the online public;
* enhance the adoption and implementation of innovative new technologies (i.e. creating opportunities to adopt and integrate, for example, content management software applications, mobile software applications, enterprise security, privacy and confidentiality protections, etc.);
* facilitate and enhance the business relationships and transactions between and among CRS members, the Applicant and third party suppliers and purchasers of products, services, data and information;
* enhance stability and security for the Applicant and CRS members and allow for the further development and enhancement of efficient and secure online business practices; and
* increase the ability for the Applicant and members of the CRS to exchange information and data to help achieve the projected benefits (i.e. to enhance security, stability, brand integrity and distinctiveness, increased goodwill, business and transaction efficiencies, adoption of new and innovative technologies, etc.)
Members of the Co-operative Retailing System will have a sense of unity and belonging. All of their digital initiatives will share a common domain name. It will be easier to navigate through different areas of our digital environment due to the naming consistency throughout our digital presence, websites, mobile and email environments. It will greatly simplify web searches due to the consistency between the member domains of the gTLD and benefit members and public internet users by enhancing the distinctiveness of .crs. In addition, members, as well as external users would have a feeling of trust that the information was coming from a secure and valid source.
As noted above, our proposed branded top level domain (.crs) is intended for members of the Co-operative Retailing System (“CRS”) and its affiliates only. Our top level domain intends to function, per the ICANN-Registry Operator Registry Agreement, as a Specification 9 exempt system and will carefully monitor and safeguard the user experience to provide users confidence that they have found the appropriate CRS content, information and data, and they can be certain that users will find the high quality information and experiences in a stable, secure environment. We will provide users who navigate within our top level domain privacy protection similar to what is currently provided on .com. We annually review and audit our practices and policies to ensure that all best practices are being utilized to protect the safety, security and confidentiality of its users. All domain name registrations in the TLD shall be registered to and maintained by Applicant and Applicant will not sell, distribute or transfer control of domain name registrations to any party that is not an Affiliate of Applicant as defined in the ICANN-Registry Operator Registry Agreement. All domain name registrations intended to be used within Applicant’s registry will be registered to and controlled and maintained by Applicant and for the benefit of Applicant and its member-owners (known as the Co-operative Retailing System (CRS0), its users and Affiliates.
Our top level domain will further benefit internet users by creating additional opportunities to preserve the goodwill and integrity associated with the CRS brand while strengthening the distinctiveness and consistency of the delivery of the brand to the public and CRS. It will enhance our brand and the community of CRS members, creating numerous subdomains under the TLD that have not been available under the existing top level domain namespace. Further, the TLD will create the possibility that these to-be-created subdomains will be more precisely targeted to internet users that will use them, more focused on content associated with the TLD under which they will reside, and more relevant to the TLD (i.e., there will be an increased nexus between the TLD utilized and the content, information and experiences associated with our members).

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