16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.discoverDiscover Financial Servicesmayerbrown.comView

Based on extensive experience in operating a robust e-commerce platform, including operation of the www.discover.com domain name, Applicant is not aware of any rendering, operational, or end-user issues or problems that would impact the applied-for .discover string. To date, Applicant has not experienced any significant or abnormal rendering, operational, or end-user issues with the www.discover.com domain name. Like the characters in the applied-for .discover string, the characters in Applicant’s www.discover.com domain name are from the ISO basic Latin alphabet. In light of the current resolution and rendering success of an identical “discover” string, Applicant does not anticipate any rendering or resolution issues with the .discover string.

Furthermore, Applicant has consulted with its selected backend provider, Neustar, which has successfully launched a number of new gTLDs over the last decade. Like Applicant, Neustar does not foresee any rendering or operational problems concerning the .discover string. In reaching this determination, Neustar analyzed the following data:

ICANN’s Security Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) entitled Alternative TLD Name Systems and Roots: Conflict, Control and Consequences (SAC009);
IAB - RFC3696 “Application Techniques for Checking and Transformation of Names”;
Known software issues which Neustar has encountered during the last decade launching new gTLDs;
Character type and length;
ICANN supplemental notes to Question 16; and
ICANN’s presentation during its Costa Rica regional meeting on TLD Universal Acceptance.

Finally, in the unlikely event that any rendering or operational issues occur, Applicant will work with Neustar to take all steps necessary to resolve those issues.

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