18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.SECURITYDefender Security Companydefenderdirect.comView

Defender Security’s plan for launching the .SECURITY TLD and the .SECURITY Premium Names offer a robust, cost-effective means for the stakeholders in the security-related industries to assert their identities online. Defender Security is committed to launch and manage .SECURITY in a responsible manner for the global Internet community with enhanced safeguards and Defender Security’s background and commitment to operational excellence if demonstrated by the following examples; and such will be continued in the registry operations.
1) Defender earned a spot on 2011 Information Week 500 List of Top Technology Innovators Across America. The company was recognized and received this award for a large scale upgrade to its core critical systems. This upgrade allowed the company to continue its rapid growth and expand existing and create new product lines, while at the same time improving the overall customer experience and sales process. These extensive infrastructure improvements included a new network and server virtualization. With the introduction of a state-of-the-art Interactive Intelligence telephone solution that was tightly integrated into a new custom-developed CRM application with an extensive data layer improvement, data points are logged through the entire customer experience. This created a more dynamic, scripted sales process and allows Defender to continue to fine-tune the process and improve key metric performance indicators.
2) Defender was recently accredited for a second time by the American Teleservices Associationʹs (ATA) Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO). Defender was one of the first 10 companies in the country to be accredited, a unique and distinctive accomplishment. As a part of the accreditation process, all of Defender operations were audited. The SRO was particularly impressed by the standards of the following categories:
Inbound call practices
FTC regulatory compliance
State registrations
Call monitoring and quality assurance
Compliance management systems
Defender Security was extremely honored to receive this accreditation as it demonstrated its adherence to FTCʹs requirements for telemarketing laws and regulations. This dedication also lead to team members providing customers with consistent and high quality service, thus ensuring a positive customer experience.
Defender Security demonstrates its core mission to serve the interest of the security-related industry. This includes minimizing and eliminating social costs; establishing a better financial income stream; assisting the security-related industries in establishment of new improved innovative services by communicating online security information and messages to address needs across security-related industries.
The .SECURITY registration fee will adopt a moderate, competitive pricing point taking into consideration:
1. As indicated by the McAfee’s 2011 security report (http:⁄⁄us.mcafee.com⁄en-us⁄local⁄docs⁄MTMW_Report.pdf), pricing is one of the most influential factors taken into consideration by registrants aiming to conduct malicious activity and abuse. Domains with low registration prices have a higher likelihood for abuse. Prices in the middle and higher end ensure there is a slight barrier to entry to reduce the number of registrants offering low quality content, such as parking pages, as well as to fight cybersquatting and piracy on .SECURITY since registrants are more likely to register a cheaper domain to conduct illegal activity since there is less financial risk for them.
2. A benchmark analysis of comparable gTLDs and ccTLDs existing today.
A more indirect minimization of social costs relates to .SECURITY Registrants and users having an immediate benefit of easy recognition and discovery via the .SECURITY Premium Channels. This engagement through .SECURITY build-in social networks minimizes time and expense that otherwise, would have been used for marketing by the registrants; and Defender Security’s goal to replace top search rankings of illegitimate security sites will be tackled by implementing search engine optimization best-practices for Premium Channels that will complement .SECURITY registrant sites, increasing general brand awareness for .SECURITY’s trust factor by creating a safe haven for security consumption, and improving international security discovery.
As discussed the goal with .SECURITY results in the search engines has one immediate benefit in eliminating fraudulent sites providing free or otherwise illegal security consumption. It further reduces the costs and expenses used in the security-related industries to fight illegal behavior.
Additional measures for minimizing social costs are described in the following subsections:
i) In the two initial launch phases multiple applications will be resolved via auction. During the general availability stage domains will be allocated in a first come-first serve basis.
ii) Defender Security will implement a competitive pricing structure based on above criteria avoiding abusive behavior in the TLD and through benchmark analysis of comparable gTLDs and ccTLDs existing today. Defender Security will offer the market an affordable domain to build a unique and exclusive presence online, ensuring the cost of the domain is optimally priced to cover registry activities that are established to prevent malicious behavior and abuse traditionally experienced in less financially low-priced domains. Depending on the cost of doing business and other economic factors, Defender Security may from time to time increase or lower the wholesale price in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.10 of the New gTLD Registry Agreement.
Defender Security might choose to incorporate cost benefits in relation to advantageous pricing, introductory discounts, or bulk discounts to assist in increasing domain sales if needed to meet registry financial and operational needs, especially in the situation where the most likely projected registration volume (see responses to questions #45-50) is not met. In that situation, Defender Security will consider implementing targeted marketing campaigns that include discounted prices.
Otherwise Defender Security does not have specific plans for advantageous pricing, introductory pricing, nor plans for any bulk registration discounts.
iii) Defender Security will not offer long term or permanent contracts (beyond that of the maximum term of 10 years) for domains. Defender Security has carefully considered the needs of the market in setting its prices on its services. Any price escalations or reductions will be reasonably justified and managed in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.10 of the New gTLD Registry Agreement.
iv) Defender Security will prohibit the use of parked pages. .SECURITY websites will be subject to the use restrictions described in response to question 18b. Parked sites can only be used as temporary pages assigned to a domain at the time of registration and stay in place until the registrant has a website developed and ready to go live within a reasonable time period.

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