18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.SECURITYDefender Security Companydefenderdirect.comView

The .SECURITY TLD is being established to accomplish the following mission and purpose:
To establish an online extension that is immediately identifiable, secure, and exclusive for entities and individuals showcasing their online identity under a TLD that directly communicates secure and security-related content; and managing the domain name in a manner fitting the high integrity and security policy requirements in .SECURITY.
Under this mission .SECURITY will be operated as a critical public resource in an open, responsible, stable and secure manner with the highest level of technical security resources and mechanisms that are aligned with technical advancement and innovation.
Defender Security will engage in activities, other than registry services as described in response to question #23, that will benefit the online security-related industries, such as launching a dedicated Premium Channel under .SECURITY that includes:
- A list of premium names corresponding to generic terms that will be reserved for the registry to use for promoting the TLD using Defender Security’s existing diverse and innovative business activities.
- A list of regional or locally focused premium names that will be reserved for the registry to focus on local marketing efforts and to develop destinations dedicated to the security community and clients searching for security-related information and businesses. These sites will be developed in partnership or agreement with local entities that are responsible for security activities. All participants must adhere to an open policy that allows inclusion of all security-related businesses and entities that fulfill the .SECURITY Policy.
- A list of premium names corresponding to security-industry names will be reserved and developed internally to bring innovation to Defender Security’s existing activities or in strategic partnership with leading security-related entities. Partner selection criteria for some of the premium keywords can include RFP or an auction mechanism with the pre-requisite of fulfilling the criteria set forth in the .SECURITY Policy.

Defender Security is currently involved in, and reserves parts of its profit to numerous social benefit programs such as:
The Service Project Challenge that engages Defender employees in their communities in ways aligning with the Defender culture. Employees form teams of 5-10 people and select a non-profit organization to serve and win Defender donated prize money for their charities.
Defender continued support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, where Defender Security has challenged itself to have more than 100 additional employees volunteer to become big brothers and big sisters in 2012.
Increased participation in Habitat for Humanity program targeting a build of 100 homes across America in 2012. This program follows the successful YWAM (Youth With a Mission) program that Defender employees regularly participate in, which allows employees to volunteer, largely at the company expense, to build homes in Latin America and the Dominican Republic.
Defender is a proud sponsor of Junior Achievement, Make-a-Wish Foundation and many other charitable organizations and giving platforms.
One of the core passions driving Defender’s charitable efforts across the country is Defender’s credo of “ever expanding influence” and the belief that meaningful change starts on the inside of a person or organization and works its way out. When we work on improving ourselves, creating great systems and developing our leadership skills, our ability to influence others increases and continues to build upon itself. This increased influence improves our ability to achieve meaningful and lasting results. Defender will continue these core principles, and through extension to its Advisory Committee, find beneficial ways of including .SECURITY in such activities and⁄or including security focused activities in its current programs.
Defender Security will operate .SECURITY in a consistent manner with the following principles: stewardship, integrity, social responsibility, community involvement, transparency, standards compliance and development, entrepreneurship and innovation.
The mission⁄purpose is consistent with ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments (AoC) including:
- “ensuring accountability, transparency and the interests of global Internet users” in regards to security, “enhancing the operational stability, reliability, resiliency, security, and global interoperability of the DNS” and “promoting competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice” while “adequately addressing consumer protection, malicious abuse, and rights protection issues” (http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄about⁄agreements⁄aoc⁄affirmation-of-commitments-30sep09-en.htm).
.SECURITY mission⁄purpose guiding principles:
Afilias is the DNS Registry provider for .SECURITY. Details of technical and operational capabilities matching the .SECURITY mission are provided in responses to questions #24-44.
The entire security-related industry can register .SECURITY domains if they agree to the TLD’s terms of use aligned with .SECURITY’s mission. This open registration process provides fairness in .SECURITY domain availability, gives security-related entities an advantaged branding position, and avoids anti-competitive or anti-trust concerns.
As described earlier, the Premium Channels will invigorate the competitive landscape and nurture innovation in both the security and domain space.
Defender Security has developed policies to protect intellectual property, fight malicious conduct and ensure .SECURITY domains are allocated in fair methods so that security-related entities and Internet users are assured the highest level of trust and authenticity when they visit a .SECURITY domain.
Phased launches provide rights holders a first-come in the .SECURITY Sunrise, auction of multiple initial Landrush domain inquiries, and eventually allows all stakeholders of the security-related industries to register. All registrants must adhere to restricted Use, Name and Anti-Abuse policies that will be monitored to prevent bad practices existing in the Security Community.
Dispute mechanisms, compliance efforts, and data validation processes will provide an added level of trust.
Defender Security will conduct reviews of the security level, data validity, applicability, usability, and overall security industry satisfaction with the TLD. Results will be published publicly for feedback and we look forward to providing review results and expertise in the ICANN Post-Launch New gTLD Review.

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