18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.corpDOTCORP LIMITEDcorpregistry.netView

18(a) Mission and Purpose of .CORP
DotCorp Limited is established in Hong Kong aimed to operate the .CORP Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) service for corporations around the world with an outstanding technical team and an excellent operation team. The submitted application materials shall be in compliance with ICANN New gTLD Program.

The mission and purpose of .CORP gTLD is to prevent online fraud and protect online identity of corporation. .CORP will be provided as a recognizable, trustable, reliable and professional gTLD for corporations.

DotCorp Limited operates in a competitive, fast-moving marketplace where corporations pay more attention to their brand and identification online. Corporations intend to use a recognizable and professional gTLD and the partners and customers can trust and remember their unique domain name easily. But as we all know, it’s not easy to find a suitable name in traditional gTLD (e.g. .COM, .BIZ, etc) corresponds to corporation’s name. .BIZ gTLD is aimed at business users. The registration amount of .BIZ has reached by 2,137,776 by Feb, 2012 as reported by an International statistical agency (webhosting.info). A group in Harvard law school has studied on a survey of usage of .BIZ states at least 60.7% of valid HTTP responses from .BIZ domains are blank, errors, or placeholders for possible future content. That .BIZ domains seem inconsistent with .BIZ registry anti-warehousing policies, suggests that such policies are not being effectively enforced. DotCorp Limited has found the problem existing in the operation of .BIZ so .CORP will introduce strict accrediting mechanisms similar to .EDU to avoid the useless registrations.

As a restricted gTLD, all available second-level strings of .CORP (e.g. example.CORP) will be allocated only to eligible corporation registrants who can only be a corporation verified legally and appropriately by local government. All .CORP domain name registered will be checked annually to make sure the corporation remain validly registered and active in good standing according to the local government. A restricted model will be adopted, according to which a corporation can only register one .CORP initially.

Over the past decade, ICANN has approved fifteen new gTLDs which have historically been classified as either generic (.INFO, .BIZ, .NAME) or sponsored (.ASIA, .COOP, .TRAVEL, .JOBS, etc.). In this current new gTLD application round, it is anticipated that many large international corporations will take the opportunity to register other high-value, generic strings as top-level domains. This is a new approach to the operation of a gTLD but comprehensive and complicated for a company to manage the domain by themselves. For many corporations, the highest economic efficient way is to register a .CORP domain name. DotCorp Limited is full of confidence about the development of .CORP gTLD domain market. For example, China has 11.9 million companies (branch included) in 2011 and that of the whole world should be several times bigger. Unlike other applicants for applying more than one .generic or .brand TLDs with mixed purpose, DotCorp Limited is setup for running this registry business with full dedication to the success of this gTLD only. DotCorp Limited shall strive for building market leadership among all niche gTLDs, although there’s not a specific category for “niche”. However, any broader adoption of this competitive advantage will only be undertaken after DotCorp Limited has confidence that the concerns of various government and law enforcement regarding ICANN’s new gTLD process are properly addressed to its satisfaction. If other types of corporation are eventually permitted to register .CORP domain names, DotCorp Limited will re-evaluate its policies at that time to ensure its policies are in compliance with adequate policies ⁄ best practices at that time.

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