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Donuts will employ strong policies and procedures to prevent and mitigate abuse. Our intention is to ensure the integrity of this top-level domain (TLD) and maintain it as a trusted space on the Internet. We will not tolerate abuse and will use professional, consistent, and fair policies and procedures to identify and address abuse in the legal, operational, and technical realms

Our approach to abuse prevention and mitigation includes the following:

An Anti-Abuse Policy that clearly defines malicious and abusive behaviors;
An easy-to-use single abuse point of contact (APOC) that Internet users can use to report the malicious use of domains in our TLD;
Procedures for investigating and mitigating abuse;
Procedures for removing orphan glue records used to support malicious activities;
Dedicated procedures for handling legal requests, such as inquiries from law enforcement bodies, court orders, and subpoenas;
Measures to deter abuse of the Whois service; and
Policies and procedures to enhance Whois accuracy, including compliance and monitoring programs.

Our abuse prevention and mitigation solution leverages our extensive domain name industry experience and was developed based on extensive study of existing gTLDs and ccTLDs for best registry practices. This same experience will be leveraged to manage the new TLD.


The Anti-Abuse Policy for our registry will be enacted under the Registry-Registrar Agreement, with obligations from that agreement passed on to and made binding upon all registrants, registrars, and resellers. This policy will also be posted on the registry web site and accompanied by abuse point-of-contact contact information (see below). Internet users can report suspected abuse to the registry and sponsoring registrar, and report an orphan glue record suspected of use in connection with malicious conduct (see below).

The policy is especially designed to address the malicious use of domain names. Its intent is to:

1. Make clear that certain types of behavior are not tolerated;
2. Deter both criminal and non-criminal but harmful use of domain names; and
3. Provide the registry with clearly stated rights to mitigate several types of abusive behavior when found.

This policy does not take the place of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) or the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS), and it is not to be used as an alternate form of dispute resolution or as a brand protection mechanism.

Below is a policy draft based on the anti-abuse policies of several existing TLD registries with exemplary practices (including .ORG, .CA, and .INFO). We plan to adopt the same, or a substantially similar version, after the conclusion of legal reviews.


The registry reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time and without limitation, to deny, suspend, cancel, redirect, or transfer any registration or transaction, or place any domain name(s) on registry lock, hold, or similar status as it determines necessary for any of the following reasons:

(1) to protect the integrity and stability of the registry;
(2) to comply with any applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement, or any dispute resolution process;
(3) to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of the registry operator, its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, or employees;
(4) to comply with the terms of the registration agreement and the registry’s Anti-Abuse Policy;
(5) registrant fails to keep Whois information accurate and up-to-date;
(6) domain name use violates the registry’s acceptable use policies, or a third partyʹs rights or acceptable use policies, including but not limited to the infringement of any copyright or trademark;
(7) to correct mistakes made by the registry operator or any registrar in connection with a domain name registration; or
(8) as needed during resolution of a dispute.

Abusive use of a domain is an illegal, malicious, or fraudulent action and includes, without limitation, the following:

Distribution of malware: The dissemination of software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the ownerʹs informed consent. Examples include computer viruses, worms, keyloggers, trojans, and fake antivirus products;
Phishing: attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication;
DNS hijacking or poisoning;
Spam: The use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages. This includes but is not limited to email spam, instant messaging spam, mobile messaging spam, and the spamming of Internet forums;
Use of botnets, including malicious fast-flux hosting;
Denial-of-service attacks;
Child pornography⁄child sexual abuse images;
The promotion, encouragement, sale, or distribution of prescription medication without a valid prescription in violation of applicable law; and
Illegal access of computers or networks.


Our prevention and mitigation plan includes use of a single abuse point of contact (APOC). This contact will be a role-based e-mail address in the form of “abuse@registry.tld”. This e-mail address will allow multiple staff members to monitor abuse reports. This role-based approach has been used successfully by ISPs, e-mail service providers, and registrars for many years, and is considered an Internet abuse desk best practice.

The APOC e-mail address will be listed on the registry web site. We also will provide a convenient web form for complaints. This form will prompt complainants to provide relevant information. (For example, complainants who wish to report spam will be prompted to submit the full header of the e-mail.) This will help make their reports more complete and accurate.

Complaints from the APOC e-mail address and web form will go into a ticketing system, and will be routed to our abuse handlers (see below), who will evaluate the tickets and execute on them as needed.

The APOC is mainly for complaints about malicious use of domain names. Special addresses may be set up for other legal needs, such as civil and criminal subpoenas, and for Sunrise issues.


Our designated abuse handlers will receive and evaluate complaints received via the APOC. They will decide whether a particular issue merits action, and decide what action is appropriate.

Our designated abuse handlers have domain name industry experience receiving, investigating and resolving abuse reports. Our registry implementation plan will leverage this experience and deploy additional resources in an anti-abuse program tailored to running a registry.

We expect that abuse reports will be received from a wide variety of parties, including ordinary Internet users; security researchers and Internet security companies; institutions, such as banks; and law enforcement agencies.

Some of these parties typically provide good forensic data or supporting evidence of the alleged malicious behavior. In other cases, the party reporting an issue may not be familiar with how to provide evidence. It is not unusual, in the Internet industry, that a certain percentage of abuse reports are not actionable because there is insufficient evidence to support the complaint, even after additional investigation.

The abuse handling function will be staffed with personnel who have experience handling abuse complaints. This group will function as an abuse desk to “triage” and investigate reports. Over the past several years, this group has investigated allegations about a variety of problems, including malware, spam, phishing, and child pornography⁄child sexual abuse images.


Our abuse prevention and mitigation plan includes development of an internal manual for assessing and acting upon abuse complaints. Our designated abuse handlers will use this to ensure consistent and fair processes. To prevent exploitation of internal procedures by malefactors, these procedures will not be published publicly.

Assessing abuse reports requires great care. The goals are accuracy, a zero false-positive rate to prevent harm to innocent registrants, and good documentation.

Different types of malicious activities require different methods of investigation and documentation. The procedures we deploy will address all the abuse types listed in our Anti-Abuse Policy (above). This policy will also contain procedures for assessing complaints about orphan nameservers used for malicious activities.

One of the first steps in addressing abusive or harmful activities is to determine the type of domain involved. Two types of domains may be involved: 1) a “compromised domain”; and⁄or 2) a maliciously registered domain.

A “compromised” domain is one that has been hacked or otherwise compromised by criminals; the registrant is not responsible for the malicious activity taking place on the domain. For example, most domain names that host phishing sites are compromised. The goal in such cases is to inform the registrant of the problem via the registrar. Ideally, such domains are not suspended, since suspension disrupts legitimate activity on the domain.

The second type of potentially harmful domain, the maliciously registered domain, is one registered by a bad actor for the purpose of abuse. Since it has no legitimate use, this type of domain is a candidate for suspension.

In general, we see the registry as the central entity responsible for monitoring abuse of the TLD and passing any complaints received to the domains’ sponsoring registrars. In an alleged (though credible) case of malicious use, the case will be communicated to the domain’s sponsoring registrar requesting that the registrar investigate, act appropriately, and report on it within a defined time period. Our abuse handlers will also provide any evidence they collect to the registrar.

There are several good reasons for passing a case of malicious domain name use on to the registrar. First, the registrar has a direct relationship and contract with the registrant. It is important to respect this relationship as it pertains both to business in general and any legal perspectives involved. Second, the registrar holds a better position to evaluate and act because the registrar typically has vital information the registry operator does not, including domain purchase details and payment method (i.e., credit card, etc.); the identity of a proxy-protected registrant; the IP address from which the domain purchase was made; and whether a reseller is involved. Finally, it is important the registrar know if a registrant is in violation of registry or registrar policies and terms—the registrar may wish to suspend the registrant’s account, or investigate other domains the registrar has registered in this TLD or others.

The registrar is also often best for determining if questionable registrant activity violates the registrar’s legal terms of service or the registry Anti-Abuse Policy, and deciding whether to take any action. Registrars will be required to include language in their registrar-registrant contracts that indemnifies the registrar if it takes action and allows the registrar to suspend or cancel a domain name.

If a registrar does not take action within the time indicated by us in the report (i.e., 24 hours), we may take action ourselves. In some cases, we may suspend the domain name(s), and we reserve the right to act directly and immediately. We plan to take action directly if time is of the essence, such as with a malware attack that may cause significant harm to Internet users.

It is important to note that strict service level agreements (SLAs) for abuse response and mitigation are not always appropriate, additional tailoring of any SLAs may be required, depending on the problem. For example, suspending a domain within 24 hours may not be the best course of action when working with law enforcement or a national clearinghouse to address reports of child pornography. Officials may need more than 24 hours to investigate and gather evidence.


In addition to addressing abuse complaints, we will actively monitor the overall abuse status of the TLD, gather intelligence and track abuse metrics to address criminal use of domains in the TLD.

To enable active reporting of problems to the sponsoring registrars, our plan includes proactive monitoring for malicious use of the domains in the TLD. Our goal is to keep malicious activity at an acceptably low level, and mitigate it actively when it occurs—we may do so by using professional blocklists of domain names. For example, professional advisors such as LegitScript (www.legitscript.com) may be used to identify and close down illegal “rogue” Internet pharmacies.

Our approach also incorporates recordkeeping and metrics regarding abuse and abuse reports. These may include:

The number of abuse reports received by the registry’s abuse point of contact described above and the domains involved;
The number of cases and domains referred to registrars for resolution;
The number of cases and domains for which the registry took direct action;
Resolution times (when possible or relevant, as resolution times for compromised domains are difficult to measure).

We expect law enforcement to be involved in only a small percentage of abuse cases and will call upon relevant law enforcement as needed.


The new gTLD Registry Agreement contains this requirement: “Registry Operator shall take reasonable steps to investigate and respond to any reports from law enforcement and governmental and quasi-governmental agencies of illegal conduct in connection with the use of the TLD. In responding to such reports, Registry Operator will not be required to take any action in contravention of applicable law.” (Article 2.8)

We will be responsive as required by Article 2.8. Our abuse handling team will comply with legal processes and leverage both experience and best practices to work effectively with law enforcement and other government agencies. The registry will post a Criminal Subpoena Policy and Procedure page, which will detail how law enforcement and government agencies may submit criminal and civil subpoenas. When we receive valid court orders or seizure warrants from courts or law enforcement agencies of relevant jurisdiction, we will expeditiously review and comply with them.


Our abuse prevention and mitigation plan also incorporates registrars that offer domain protection services and high-security access and authentication controls. These include services designed to prevent domain hijackings and inhibit unapproved updates (such as malicious changes to nameserver settings). Registrants will then have the opportunity to obtain these services should they so elect.


Intellectual property infringement involves three distinct but sometimes intertwined problems: cybersquatting, piracy, and trademark infringement:

Cybersquatting is about the presence of a trademark in the domain string itself.
Trademark infringement is the misuse or misappropriation of trademarks the violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees. Trademark infringement sometimes overlaps with piracy.
Piracy involves the use of a domain name to sell unauthorized goods, such as copyrighted music, or trademarked physical items, such as fake brand-name handbags. Some cases of piracy involve trademark infringement.

The Uniform Dispute Resolution Process (UDRP) and the new Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) are anti-cybersquatting policies. They are mandatory and all registrants in the new TLD will be legally bound to them. Please refer to our response to Question #29 for details on our plans to respond to URS orders.

The Anti-Abuse Policy for our gTLD will be used to address phishing cases that involve trademarked strings in the domain name. The Anti-Abuse Policy prohibits violation of copyright or trademark; such complaints will be routed to the sponsoring Registrar.


Below are the policies and procedures to be used for our registry in handling orphan glue records. The anti-abuse documentation for our gTLD will reflect these procedures.

By definition, a glue record becomes an ʺorphanʺ when the delegation point Name Server (NS) record referencing it is removed without also removing the corresponding glue record. The delegation point NS record is sometimes referred to as the parent NS record.

As ICANN’s SSAC noted in its Advisory SAC048 “SSAC Comment on Orphan Glue Records in the Draft Applicant Guidebook” (http:⁄⁄www.icann.org⁄en⁄committees⁄security⁄sac048.pdf ), ʺOrphaned glue can be used for abusive purposes; however, the dominant use of orphaned glue supports the correct and ordinary operation of the Domain Name System (DNS).ʺ For example, orphan glue records may be created when a domain (example.tld) is placed on Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) ServerHold or ClientHold status. This use of Hold status is an essential tool for suspending malicious domains. When placed on Hold, the domain is removed from the zone and will stop resolving. However, any child nameservers (now orphan glue) of that domain (e.g., ns1.example.tld) are left in the zone. It is important to keep these orphan glue records in the zone so that any innocent sites using that nameserver will continue to resolve.

We will use the following procedure—used by several existing registries and considered a generally accepted DNS practice—to manage orphan glue records.. When a registrar submits a request to delete a domain, the registry first checks for the existence of glue records. If glue records exist, the registry checks to see if other domains in the registry are using the glue records. If other domains in the registry are using the glue records, then registrar EPP requests to delete the domain will fail until no other domains are using the glue records. (This functionality is currently in place for the .ORG registry.) However, if a registrar submits a complaint that orphan glue is being used maliciously and the malicious conduct is confirmed, the registry operator will remove the orphan glue record from the zone file via an exceptional process.



We will offer a “thick” registry system. In this model, all key contact details for each domain name will be stored in a central location by the registry. This allows for better access to domain data and provides uniformity in storing the information.

As per the EPP specification, certain contact data fields are mandatory. Our registry will enforce those, plus certain other fields as necessary. This ensures that registrars are providing required domain registration data. The following fields (indicated as “MANDATORY”) will be mandatory at a minimum:

Contact Name [MANDATORY]
State⁄Province [optional]
Postal Code [optional]
Registrar Phone [MANDATORY]
Phone Ext [optional]
Fax [optional]
Fax Ext [optional]

In addition, our registry will verify formats for relevant individual data fields (e.g. e-mail, and phone⁄fax numbers) and will reject any improperly formatted submissions. Only valid country codes will be allowed, as defined by the ISO 3166 code list.

We will reject entries that are clearly invalid. For example, a contact that contains phone numbers such as 555.5555, or registrant names that consist only of hyphens, will be rejected.


We generally will rely on registrars to enforce WHOIS accuracy measures, but will also rely on review and audit procedures to enhance compliance.

As part of our RRA (Registry-Registrar Agreement), we will require each registrar to be responsible for ensuring the input of accurate Whois data by its registrants. The Registrar⁄Registered Name Holder Agreement will include specific clauses to ensure accuracy of Whois data, as per ICANN requirements, and to give the registrar the right to cancel or suspend registrations if the registered name holder fails to respond to the registrar’s query regarding accuracy of data. In addition, the Anti-Abuse Policy for our registry will give the registry the right to suspend, cancel, etc., domains that have invalid Whois data.

As part of our RRA (Registry-Registrar Agreement), we will include a policy similar to the one below, currently used by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the operator of the .CA registry. It will require the registrar to help us verify contact data.

“CIRA is entitled at any time and from time to time during the Term…to verify: (a) the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information provided by the Registrant to CIRA, whether directly, through any of the Registrars of Record or otherwise; and (b) the compliance by the Registrant with the provisions of the Agreement and the Registry PRP. The Registrant shall fully and promptly cooperate with CIRA in connection with such verification and shall give to CIRA, either directly or through the Registrar of Record such assistance, access to and copies of, such information and documents as CIRA may reasonably require to complete such verification. CIRA and the Registrant shall each be responsible for their own expenses incurred in connection with such verification.”

On a periodic basis, we will perform spot audits of the accuracy of Whois data in the registry. Questionable data will be sent to the sponsoring registrars as per the above policy.

All accredited registrars have agreed with ICANN to obtain contact information from registrants, and to take reasonable steps to investigate and correct any reported inaccuracies in contact information for domain names registered through them. As part of our RRA (Registry-Registrar Agreement), we will include a policy that allows us to de-accredit any registrar who a) does not respond to our Whois accuracy requests, or b) fails to update Whois data or delete the name within 15 days of our report of invalid WHOIS data. In order to allow for inadvertent and unintentional mistakes by a registrar, this policy may include a “three strikes” rule under which a registrar may be de-accredited after three failures to comply.


In our TLD, we will allow the use of proxy⁄privacy services. We believe that there are important, legitimate uses for such services. (For example, to protect free speech rights and avoid receiving spam.)

However, we will limit how proxy⁄privacy services are offered. The goal of this policy is to make proxy⁄privacy services unattractive to abusers, namely the spammers and e-criminals who use such services to hide their identities. We believe the policy below will enhance WHOIS accuracy, will help deter the malicious use of domain names in our TLD, and will aid in the investigation and mitigation of abuse complaints.

Registry policy will require the following, and all registrars and their registrants and resellers will be bound to it contractually:

a. Registrants must provide complete and accurate contact information to their registrar (or reseller, if applicable).. Domains that do not meet this policy may be suspended.
b. Registrars and resellers must provide the underlying registrant information to the registry operator, upon written request, during an abuse investigation. This information will be held in confidence by the registry operator.
c. The registrar or reseller must publish the underlying registrant information in the Whois if it is determined by the registry operator or the registrar that the registrant has breached any terms of service, such as the TLD Anti-Abuse Policy.

The purpose of the above policy is to ensure that, in case of an abuse investigation, the sponsoring registrar has access to the registrant’s true identity, and can provide that data to the registry. If it is clear the registrant has violated the TLD’s Anti-Abuse Policy or other terms of service, the registrant’s identity will be published publicly via the Whois, where it can be seen by the public and by law enforcement.


Donuts does not currently intend to become a registrar for this TLD. Donuts and our back-end technical operator will comply fully with the Registry Code of Conduct specified in the New TLD Registry Agreement, Specification 9. For abuse issues, we will comply by establishing an adequate “firewall” between our registry operations and the operations of any affiliated registrar. As the Code requires, the registry will not “directly or indirectly show any preference or provide any special consideration to any Registrar with respect to operational access to registry systems and related registry services”. Here is a non-exhaustive list of specific steps to be taken to enforce this:

Abuse complaints and cases will be evaluated and executed upon using the same criteria and procedures, regardless of a domain’s sponsoring registrar.
Registry personnel will not discuss abuse cases with non-registry personnel or personnel from separate entities operating under the company. This policy is designed to both enhance security and prevent conflict of interest.
If a compliance function is involved, the compliance staff will have responsibilities to the registry only, and not to a registrar we may be “affiliated” with at any point in the future. For example, if a compliance staff member is assigned to conduct audits of WHOIS data, that person will have no duty to any registrar business we may be operating at the time. The person will be free of conflicts of interest, and will be enabled to discharge his or her duties to the registry impartially and effectively.


Our registry incorporates several measures to ensure proper access to domain functions, including authentication provisions in the RRA relative to notification and contact updates via use of AUTH-INFO codes.

IP address access control lists, SSL certificates, and proper authentication will be used to control registrar access to the registry system. Registrars will be given access only to perform operations on the objects they sponsor.

Every domain will have a unique AUTH-INFO code as per EPP RFCs. The AUTH-INFO code is a 6- to 16-character code assigned by the registrar at the time the name is created. Its purpose is to aid identification of the domain owner so proper authority can be established. (It is the ʺpasswordʺ to the domain name.) Registrars must use the domain’s password to initiate a Registrar-to-Registrar transfer. It is used to ensure that domain updates (update contact information, transfer, or deletion) are undertaken by the proper registrant, and that this registrant is adequately notified of domain update activity. Only the sponsoring Registrar of a domain has access to the domain’s AUTH-INFO code stored in the registry, and this is accessible only via encrypted, password-protected channels.

Our Registry-Registrar contract will require that each registrar assign a unique AUTH-INFO code to every domain it creates. Due to security risk, registrars should not assign the same AUTH-INFO code to multiple domains.

Information about other registry security measures such as encryption and security of Registrar channels are confidential to ensure the security of the registry system. Details can be found in our response to Question #30(b).


Due to the level of end-user trust potentially associated with this string Donuts will employ these additional four protections to minimize abuse:

1. For this string, to supplement the periodic audit documented above, a deeper and more extensive verification of Whois data accuracy, with associated remediation and takedown processes;

2. Exclusion of registrars with a history of poor compliance;

3. Regular monitoring by the registry of registered domains for pharming, phishing, spam, botnets, copyright infringement and other forms of abuse, and remediation and takedown processes; and

4. In addition to registry-based procedures, requirements that registrars have a 24⁄7⁄365 abuse contact, and remediation and takedown processes.


Our back-end registry operator will perform the majority of Abuse Prevention and Mitigation services for this TLD, as required by our agreement with them. Donuts staff will supervise the activity of the provider. In some cases Donuts staff will play a direct role in the handling of abuse cases.

The compliance department of our registry operator has two full time staff members who are trained in DNS, the investigation of abuse complaints, and related specialties. The volume of abuse activity will be gauged and additional staff hired by our back-end registry operator as required to meet their SLA commitments. In addition to the two full-time members, they expect to retain the services of one or more outside contractors to provide additional security and anti-abuse expertise including advice on the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.

Finally, Donuts’ Legal Department will have one attorney whose role includes the oversight of legal issues related to abuse, and interaction with courts and law enforcement.

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