18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.abarthFiat S.p.A. (ʺsocietà per azioniʺ)cscinfo.comView

(a) Describe the mission⁄purpose of your proposed gTLD

Fiat S.p.A. is an international group with a clear focus in the automobile sector that designs, produces and sells cars for the mass market under the Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat Professional and Abarth brands and luxury cars under the Ferrari and Maserati brands. Its global reach has increased as a result of the integration with Chrysler Group, through which its portfolio has recently been expanded to include the Jeep and Chrysler brands, with models produced in North America now being distributed in Europe through the new Lancia-Chrysler and Jeep sales networks, which together count more than 1,000 dealers. Fiat S.p.A. is also active in the components sector, through Magneti Marelli, Teksid and Fiat Powertrain, and the production systems sector, through Comau.

Following the demerger of the capital goods businesses to Fiat Industrial (January 2011) and the increase in its stake in Chrysler to 58.5%, Fiat S.p.A. is accelerating and consolidating the industrial integration of the two groups to create a global automaker determined to position itself as a leader in the industry.
Fiat and Chrysler already share a philosophy based on integrity, dedication, delivering on commitments, transparency, reliability and passion. The Group’s objective is to write the new chapters of the story upon which it has just embarked through leveraging synergies to reduce costs, sharing know-how, expanding the global product offering and improving market penetration worldwide.
Fiat is one of the founders of the European automotive industry. Operating for more than a century, it has produced approximately 97 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and 12 times various of its models have been named “Car of the Year”. The Automobiles business consists of Fiat Group Automobiles, Maserati and Ferrari.
Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) designs, produces and sells automobiles under the Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Abarth brands, and light commercial vehicles under the Fiat Professional brand. In Europe, FGA also sells Jeep® brand vehicles. Each brand has its own unique identity and distinct commercial and marketing practices.
Maserati has always produced captivating and technologically advanced saloons, while Ferrari, a symbol of excellence and sporting spirit, needs no introduction: its calling card is the many Formula 1 titles its has won and, of course, its legendary GT models.
In 2009, Fiat and Chrysler entered into a global strategic alliance from which has emerged a group positioned as one of the global leaders in the auto sector. Chrysler and Fiat Group Automobiles work together to produce innovative, reliable, attractive, safe cars that combine excellent performance with low fuel consumption, leveraging the extensive experience and know-how of both partners.
Fiat S.p.A. seeks the proposed .abarth gTLD as a restricted, exclusively-controlled gTLD for the purpose of expanding Fiat S.p.A.’s ability to:
create a connected digital presence and personalized brand experience for customers and other business partners (i.e. dealers);
deliver product and service marketing⁄advertising;
enable marketing campaign activation;
facilitate secure interaction and communication with individuals and entities with whom Fiat S.p.A. has a business relationship;
improve business operations;
simplify Internet user navigation to information about Fiat S.p.A. brands, products and services;
demonstrate market leadership in protecting customer privacy and confidential information online; and
meet future client expectations and competitive market demands.

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