18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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By maintaining strict adherence to the security and rights protection mechanisms of ICANN and opening availability of domains to registrants of all types, The TLD has adopted operational policies engineered to promote a more holistically healthier online realm in terms of equitable exposure, comprehensive information, and security. The TLD remains ardently committed to fostering a reliable and trustworthy online space devoid of the abuses of malware or illegal activity. User experience will be enhanced through increased access and exposure to a greater variety of organizations dedicated to the spirit and concept of education, as well as the stringent takedown policies as required by ICANN (URS, UDRP, etc.) and the provision of an easily identifiable, navigable, and usable zone.
The nature of the TLD – by virtue of introducing new and appropriate domain names that were previously unavailable on the primary market – will minimize the financial resources required by organizations to establish their vital Internet presence. Furthermore, this Internet presence will be truly global and free from the constraints of limited domain name availability, limiting, expensive and restrictive ccTLD policies, and linguistic compromise. Additionally, it provides an easily navigable space that improves user comprehension of the nature of the zone and the domains and websites that occupy it, as well as minimizing user confusion as to the type of registrant and website identified with a particular domain.

Applicant remains dedicated to upholding registration policies that prove both fair and efficient to registrants. In accordance with ICANN requirements, and in order to secure the protection of Trademark holders and benefit potential registrants, Applicant will offer a phased launch. A Landrush or Premium Name availability period will follow subsequent to a Sunrise period, as required by ICANN regulations. During the Landrush period, applicants are able to register their interest for various domain names, and in the case of multiple applications for a particular domain name, the names will be sent to auction. After the Landrush period will commence General Availability, where domain names will be available for all registrants on a first-come⁄first-serve basis.

Cii. Applicant is considering implementing introductory discounts and⁄or bulk registration discounts as a potential cost benefit to registrants. Additional marketing programs are being considered, and may potentially be instituted. Such decisions will be made contingent upon further research results and finalized before the date of launch.

Ciii. In accordance with ICANN’s Registry Agreement, registrars will be offered the option to obtain initial domain name registrations for periods of one to ten years at the discretion of the registrar. Currently, Applicant does not intend to increase registry fees. If a revision to registry fees becomes necessary, Applicant will provide sufficient advance written notice of any such change, as mandated by the Registry Agreement.

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