20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.quebecPointQuébec Incpointquebec.orgView

PointQuébec is a not for profit organization created expressly with the purpose of helping Québec to create, develop and operate the first level extension .quebec and, when allowed by ICANN, the IDN gTLD .QUÉBEC.
The goal is to serve the Québec community, to allow citizens and organizations to be known and recognized on the Internet, to carry on their activities in respect of their cultural and linguistic identity.

c) i. Intended registrants in the TLD.

Intended registrants in .quebec TLD will be mainly but not exclusively individual Internet users, corporations, local organizations, the provincial government and the municipalities, regional and local offices, NGOs, artists, professionals, or any group that wants to be known and recognized on the Internet in respect of their cultural and linguistic identity.

c) ii. Intended end-users of the TLD.

The intended end-users are as varied as the people with a certain interest in the Québec community. But for taxonomy purposes, the following targets can be identified:

- the Internet users that belong to the community, individuals or professionals, as part of the general public;
- the world-wide public interested in the French presence in Québec;
- tourism, cultural or linguistic purposes (ex: education);
- business purposes linked to the community;
- private and public sector Internet users, who have in commun the use of French;
- trademarks owners active in Québec.

c) iii. Related activities the applicant has carried out or intends to carry out in service of this purpose.

The activities undertaken by PointQuébec so far have all been dedicated to the development of .quebec TLD, its application, its name space, its policies, in order to serve the community-based TLD. These are some of the examples:

- The Website of PointQuébec,
- its sponsoring of ICANN (ex.: ICANN meeting no 38 Brussels, http:⁄⁄brussels38.icann.org⁄),
- its involvement in the ICANN community,
- the vigilance regarding eligibility concerns for TLDs,
- to offer a trusted and secure name space aimed at the french speaking community

c) iv. Explanation of how the purpose is of a lasting nature.

The purpose of the .quebec TLD is indeed of a lasting nature. As mentionned in Question 20 a), the French community in Québec is more than 400 years old. It is strongly organized, and has had a centuries’ longstanding existence and continued presence, and a firm and a vibrant cultural, social, and business life. Although 94th in the world in termsof population (direct potential users only), the community served by the TLD occupies the 44th place in terms of the size of its economy.

• relationship to the established name, if any, of the community.
• relationship to the identification of community members.
• any connotations the string may have beyond the community.

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