18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.quebecPointQuébec Incpointquebec.orgView

The .quebec TLD application is submitted by PointQuébec, and is intended to serve the Québec community, composed of individuals and organizations linked to the community on a linguistic, cultural, tourism or business basis. The Québec community will be served by PointQuébec, the not for profit organization created expressly for that purpose.

PointQuébec will keep interested in applying for the .QUÉBEC TLD, as an IDN TLD. Under current circumstances ICANN indicated that both strings would be considered as “confusingly similar” but PointQuébec is confident that ICANN will eventually understand that, while identical, they are not confusing at all: what’s confusing for the Québec people is that both linguistic versions of the string are considered different: both french and english have offical status and are widely used in Québec.

The goal of the .quebec TLD is to serve the Québec community, to allow citizens and organizations to be known and recognized on the Internet, to carry on the community’s activities in respect of their cultural identity. To that purpose, PointQuébec will:

(i) develop the .quebec name space, open to all citizens, public and private organisms, and to any group or entity linked to Québec on a cultural, tourism or business basis;
(ii) operate the .quebec TLD with a platform that rigourously meets the highest standards of the industry, and manage it accordingly;
(iii) develop the technology for an IDN twin Registry (when allowed by ICANN)
(iv) provide IDN, hosting and management expertise for new extensions or new arising registrars (ex.: city TLD, legal entities applying for an IDN registry).

This is to be achieved by:

(i) actively designing and developing the .quebec TLD name space with a focus on the needs of the Québec community, involving cultural, welfare, business and public stakeholders;

(ii) allowing registrations of second-level domain names in the .quebec TLD by individuals and organizations with a bona fide nexus to the Québec community; the basic criterion to establish this bona fide nexus will be set by the requirement to use the domain names registered for the purpose of online communications related to the Québec community.

(iii) operating the .quebec TLD under the stewardship of the Québec community: as will be elaborated and detailed under 20 b), PointQuébec has the explicit support of the Québec community public authorities, its most relevant cultural and professional institutions, and private sector stakeholders.

The .quebec TLD will contribute to increase the linguistic and cultural diversity of the DNS, which is one of the main objectives of the gTLD process.

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