18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.tatarLimited Liability Company ʺCoordination Center of Regional Domain of Tatarstan Republicʺcctld.ruView

.TATAR pursues an ambitious goal to add to the current linguistic diversity and ethnic representation on the global Internet by creating a domain space projecting throughout the Internet a rich culture, unique history and traditions shared by a huge vibrant Tatars community both in Russia and the CIS, and elsewhere and offering a greater choice to users worldwide.

To this end, the Applicant is committed to represent the community and define its strategy in a manner which would prevent any stakeholder or its special interest to prevail in the long run.

.TATAR therefore focuses on the following target audiences:
- Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan;
- Tatars residing elsewhere in Russia and across the CIS;
- Tatar overseas residents;
- Expert, academia, students and other corporate and individual users who are interested in the Tatar language, history, etc.
- Businesses which produce goods and services specifically to satisfy the Tatars’ needs.

.TATAR is intended for the Tatar-language and cultural community in the first place. In total, there are a. 8m Tatars worldwide. It is common knowledge that 5.5m of them form the second biggest ethnic-linguistic group in Russia (after the Russians), while their relatively big numbers are dispersed across Eurasia – from Romania and the Baltics to Middle Asia and China.

The Tatar language belongs in the Turkish linguistic group. The Tatars in the Russian Federation use a Cyrillic version of the Tatar script (which differs from the traditional Russian Cyrillic alphabet by extra 6 symbols), while Tatars overseas prefer the Latin script as the most widespread one. Whilst scattered throughout probably the vastest territory worldwide vis-à-vis other ethnic groups, Tatars have managed to retain their linguistic identity and unity, nonetheless.

.TATAR will help the community to better identify themselves in a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual global Internet environment.

The unique feature of the Tatars in the Russian Federation is that they reside in a compact region enjoying all the powers and benefits granted by the RF Constitution, namely, the Republic of Tatarstan.
Tatarstan has its own Constitution, elected President, Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, etc.

Located in the central part of the Russian Federation on the East-European plain at the confluence of two major European rivers – the Volga and the Kama – Tatarstan is one of Russia’s major economic, educational and innovation powerhouses. Most importantly, the socio-economic environment in Tatarstan is very conducive to Hi-Tech and ICT sector. More specifically, Internet- wise, the level of broadband access in the Republic is in the region of 64.5%, which is 2.5 times higher than the national averages. Tatarstan has 779,000 broadband Internet users.

Today, Tatarstan is busy constructing its local analogue to Silicon Valley, which will be home to a rapidly growing telecoms sector.

. TATAR should bolster the community’s ability to better position and represent the Republic of Tatarstan on the global Internet map and communicate to the world its image, uniqueness and strengths.

Tatars take a great pride in their long and glorious history, with historic figures, prominent men of arts, science, literature and sports being of Tatar descent, such as Rakhmaninov and Bulgakov , Mendeleev and Pavlov, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, tennis star Marat Safin and NHL player Nikolai Khabibulin, and the “Flying Tatar” Rudolf Nureyev.

.TATAR will form a platform to foster, display and promote the uniqueness and richness of the Tatar background, culture, values and lifestyle.

The Applicant considers .TATAR to be largely community-based, albeit business project.

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