18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

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.helpDot Tech LLCpiqueco.comView

“.HELP” will provide an instantaneous resource to Internet users searching for useful information related to project “how to’s”, service and product manuals, and general assistance for everything from simple home repairs to origami instructions. “.HELP” is designed to assist users in quickly locating help-oriented information online and creating an easy to understand delineator to separate “helpful” content from product sales, research information, and commerce-based websites.

It is our mission that websites bearing the “.HELP” gTLD string would primarily contain content which directly supports the definition of the word ʹhelpʹ including, but not limited to; information that gives or provides what is necessary to accomplish a task, satisfy a need, render assistance, aid internet users, or explain content, products, and programs.

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