20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.artEFLUX.ART, LLCe-flux.comView

Considering the fact that the art community has multiple common interests and challenges, which are in most of the cases of a global nature, e-flux intends the .art TLD to be specialized and focused only on individuals, organizations and companies who are professionally or semi-professionally involved or engaged in this art community.

The vast number of endorsement and support letters received by e-flux clearly demonstrate that there is a demand for a .art TLD, especially when this is organized and structured by a reputable organization like e-flux. Also, e-flux’ vision and mission of the .art TLD is widely supported, which shows that the art community would like to enjoy the benefit and privilege to be identified under a global, common and generic denominator that is unambiguous, obvious, and clear to the members of the art community and the public at large.

Given the diverse nature of what is considered “art”, and given the fact that the subjective affiliations with this term are manifold, there is no national or international group or organization that caters for the needs and interests of the members of the art community. For this reason, as is evidenced by the many letters of endorsement and support received by the Applicant, there is a clear need and demand from the art community to have a TLD that is specifically destined for and operated by members of the art community.

Applicant’s commitment to the community is further expressed by its intention to donate at least 10% of its operating profits to one or more art-related projects.

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