20(a) Provide the name and full description of the community that the applicant is committing to serve

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.artEFLUX.ART, LLCe-flux.comView

Human arts have their origin in human evolutionary prehistory, but have catered increasingly to the appeal of the general public during the latter half of the twentieth century. To describe the art community today would thus necessarily take into account two of its most dominant approaches: the historical study of human art stretching back to the beginning of known time; and the field of contemporary art, which concerns the active production of the art of the recent past, current moment, and near future. Both the production and the study of art have been transformed by the rise of the Internet, which has exponentially expanded access to the media, analysis, audiences, and materials necessary for artists, art galleries, collectors, museums, and scholars.

This expanded access now allows us to understand the art community in its broadest sense, and e-flux consequently intends to cater to individuals, organizations and companies who are actively involved, on a professional and semi-professional level, with an art community that includes architecture, dance, sculpture, music, painting, poetry, film, photography and comics. Any individual, organization or company that already belongs to one of the art community categories that have been established by e-flux, referred to in our response to Question 20 (b) below, is considered a member of the art community.

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