18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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Developed to serve domain registrants in every industry, as well as the general public, the TLD remains dedicated to contributing to the formation of an Internet zone unpolluted by illegal content or activity. Improved user experience is assured by the TLD’s strict adherence to ICANN-required takedown policies and the creation of a more competitive online landscape, which contributes to increased innovation.

By introducing new and appropriate domain names that have diminished in availability, the TLD will minimize the financial resources required by domain registrants to establish an Internet presence, granting more equitable access. Furthermore, this internet presence will be truly global and free from the constraints of limited domain name availability, limiting, expensive and restrictive ccTLD policies, and linguistic compromise.

i. With the objective of promoting fair and equitable registration policies, Applicant will offer a phased launch consistent with ICANN requirements and previous gTLD launches to ensure the protection of Trademark holders and the satisfaction of potential registrants. The ICANN-mandated Sunrise period open to TM holders will precede a Landrush or Premium Name availability period during which applicants are able to register their interest for various domain names (in the event of conflicting requests, the names will be sent to auction). The Landrush phase will be followed by General Availability, during which time domain names will become available for purchase by any entity on a first-come, first-served basis.

ii. Applicant may potentially offer bulk pricing discounts as well as introductory discounts for registrars and co-marketing programs to organizations that intend on devoting efforts and⁄or resources to advancement of the TLD. Depending upon the results of Applicant’s ongoing research of the consumer markets, other marketing programs may be initiated, the details of which will be finalized before launch.

iii. Domains will be available for purchase for periods of one to ten years at the discretion of the registrar as per ICANN’s Registry Agreement. At this time Applicant does not foresee a need to increase the registry fees, but the registry will certainly give ample notice of any change in fees as required by the Registry Agreement.

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