16 Describe the applicant's efforts to ensure that there are no known operational or rendering problems concerning the applied-for gTLD string

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.nowXYZ.COM LLCxyz.comView

Because the TLD being applied for is not an IDN, Applicant does not know of any rendering problems concerning the string “now” which consists of 3 ASCII characters.

Third-party software that is incorrectly configured brings to light the known issue of universal acceptability, where .now may be perceived to be an invalid string, in the way that .info and .museum are sometimes deemed “invalid.” CentralNic has previously contributed to efforts designed to raise awareness regarding this issue of universal acceptance, such as by publication of TLD Verification code for the PHP programming language, and Applicant and CentralNic are dedicated to continuing such educational efforts.

Applicant is aware that a significant fraction of queries sent to the DNS root servers are for invalid TLDs such as .local or .lan, and that the delegation of these TLDs could cause previously undiscovered configuration errors to result in operational problems for other operators. Applicant has reviewed research conducted concerning a fraction of queries sent to the DNS root servers for invalid TLDs (i.e., .local, .lan), which create the possibility of undiscovered configuration errors resulting in operational problems for other operators. Having also reviewed the SAC 045 report from ICANNʹs Security and Stability Advisory Committee, data from the “Day in the Life of the Internet” project, and other sources, Applicant is not aware of any notable volume of invalid root server queries related to .now. Thus, Applicant concludes that the delegation of this string will not pose any operational problems. However, if any operational problems render than our technical team will respond as fast as possible to migrate issues and resolve any problems to the best of our abilities.

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