18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

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.HSBCHSBC Holdings PLCvalideus.comView

What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs (e.g. time or financial resource costs as well as various types of consumer vulnerabilities)?
We do not expect our use of the .HSBC registry to impact in any negative way upon internet users because there will be no market in .HSBC domains.
How will multiple applications for a particular domain be resolved, for example, by auction or on a first come first served basis?
Domains in the .HSBC registry will not be sold. They will be requested by members of HSBC Group who will meet strictly enforced terms of registration and use and all registrants will be part of the HSBC Group. Therefore the possibility of multiple applications is very remote. Domains will be provisioned in line with the commercial and strategic goals of HSBC.
Explain any cost benefits for registrants you intend to implement (e.g. advantageous pricing, introductory discounts, bulk registration discounts).
Cost benefits will not be required because domains in the .HSBC registry are not being offered for sale on the open market. There will be no third party registrants. The only registrant will be from within the HSBC Group.
The Registry Agreement requires that registrars be offered the option to obtain initial domain name registrations for periods of one to ten years at the discretion of the registrar, but no greater than 10 years. Additionally the Registry Agreement requires advance written notice of price increases. Do you intend to make contractual commitments to registrants regarding the magnitude of price escalation?
Domains in the .HSBC registry will be registered only to entities within the HSBC Group so there will be no revenue generated from the sale of domains. In relation to price escalation, there will be no requirement for contractual commitments. HSBC will comply with the provisions of Section 2.10 of the Registry Agreement.
Before launching this TLD, HSBC will develop and publish its policies and guidelines on the registry home page, setting out full details of how the registry will implement its vision and purpose as set out in this answer. HSBC may adapt its policies and proposed use of the gTLD, in a manner consistent with the Purpose, to reflect changes in its business, the adoption of new gTLDs by the community or as a result of ICANN policy changes.

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