18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.pokerDot Poker LLChotmail.comView

As a very popular activity in the United States and around the World, The game of Poker has an incredibly diverse following amongst both professional and amateur enthusiasts, making the creation of a .POKER top-level domain an incredibly desirable business decision. The goal of the .POKER domain is to give Poker enthusiasts of all levels the ability to share the ideas, methods, tips, equipment and best-practices necessary for the improvement of Poker skills, as well as, educating the public on the Poker industry as a whole at any given time. With more than 60 million poker players in the United States and more than 100 million worldwide, more people play poker than play golf, billiards, or tennis.

Amateur poker players and poker fans are always looking for ways to get better. They are looking to play in a good game with other players that take the craft as serious as they do. Millions of amateur players are currently in limbo just waiting for the next opportunity to get together and do such a thing. By incorporating .POKER this will allow amateurs and professionals alike to search from top-level domain websites and in turn, this very popular industry will grow.

Providing the opportunity for entrepreneurs, casinos, manufactures etc. to own a .POKER top-level domain name will allow the Poker community as a whole a simplified way to come together. In the end it could quite possibly provide governments an easier method to potentially regulate online poker if all poker related activities were easily found at the .POKER TLD.

Poker advertisers and marketers now can easily find their target demographic by simply finding the .POKER top-domain websites.

Casinos around the globe can provide their poker communities a faster way to go directly to their tournaments, special events and Poker related activities.

Online Poker communities and advocates will more easily be able to interact. Bloggers, media, and players will be able to exchange ideas and information.

Poker entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to have their own top-level domain name without the worry that their target audience does not know what type of site they are providing. Having .POKER as the top-level domain tells every consumer exactly the type of site they are clicking on.

We wish to provide a top-level domain that provides an identifiable means of communicating with potential customers, amateurs, professionals, people in the poker business, organizations and businesses that associate or identify with the game. In addition, we would simply like to provide the worldwide Internet-using public with more choice in the domain name marketplace at competitive prices.

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