20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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.MERCKMerck Registry Holdings, Inc.fairwindspartners.comView

I. Relations to Community and its Constituents⁄Groups
The primary mission and purpose of the .MERCK gTLD is to provide a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive online marketplace for Internet users seeking the services of, or information about, Merck community members. As such, the .MERCK gTLD will be reserved for the exclusive use of members of the clearly defined Merck community. The .MERCK gTLD is not designed for widespread registration by the public. Instead, registrants and registrations will be restricted by guidelines included in 20(e), below. Uniting the recognized members of this regulated community under one gTLD will provide Internet users with a safe and easy way to seek healthcare information and services.

The .MERCK gTLD will be operated by MRH for the benefit of the Merck community. Merck’s century-old tradition of prioritizing research in its development of new medications is exemplified in the company’s investment in 2011 of $7.7 billion to research and development. This significant allocation of funding both helps to ensure a future pipeline of products and shareholder value, and also displays a firm commitment to advancing the industry as a whole through extensive research.

As noted above, programs such as Merck’s “Merck for Mothers” offer leadership on issues such as preventing maternal mortality during birth and family planning. In addition, the Merck Foundation has allocated more than $600 million to educational and non-profit organizations. Since 2008, Merck has ranked among the top three pharmaceutical companies in the ATMI and number one among corporate philanthropy donors in the ATMI.

The Merck Manuals and Merck Medicus offer comprehensive medical reference points for physicians and nurses, in conjunction with the Merck Index, which provides a record of chemical compounds critical for medications.

As previously stated, Merck’s extensive network of partners and licensees is a cornerstone of the company’s strategy, and Merck has numerous years of experience with managing and negotiating these relationships.

All of the above indicate that Merck is fully capable of, and qualified to, manage the .MERCK community space. Merck’s commitment to operating the gTLD is evidenced in both its prior experience as well as in its answers to all of the questions in this application for the .MERCK gTLD.

II. Accountability Mechanisms of the Applicant to the Community
The Internet community and the .MERCK gTLD will exist in a synergistic relationship. A healthy .MERCK gTLD—one in which consumers learn to trust the gTLD as a symbol of legitimate and trustworthy content—will benefit the Merck community members who use a .MERCK second-level domain. Consumer trust, in turn, will drive best-practices by Merck community members. This synergy ensures strong accountability of each party to the other.

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