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* Clearly delineated and pre-existing *

The Tirol Community is clearly delineated, well organized, and pre-existing. TIROL (English: Tyrol) is a federal state (Bundesland) in western Austria. It comprises the Austrian part of the historic Princely County of TIROL, corresponding with the present-day Euroregion Tyrol–South Tyrol–Trentino. The capital of TIROL is Innsbruck. With a land area of 12,647.71 km2 (4,883.31 sq mi), it is the third largest state in Austria.

North Tirol borders on the federal state of Salzburg in the east and on Vorarlberg in the west, in the north it adjoins the German state of Bavaria, and in the south Italian Trentino-Alto Adige region (South Tyrol) as well as the Swiss canton of Graubuenden. East Tirol also borders on the federal state of Carinthia in the east and on the Italian Province of Belluno (Veneto) in the south.

The stateʹs territory is entirely located in the Eastern Alps at the important Brenner Pass. The highest mountain in the state is the Grossglockner within the Hohe Tauern range at the border with Carinthia, with an elevation of 3,797 m (12,457.35 ft.) it is also the highest mountain of Austria.

The Commmunity for the .TIROL top-level domain has been defined together with federal and regional officials and is in the own sovereign discretion of the Federal State of TIROL. Since .TIROL is intended to serve the Community of the Tirolers worldwide, the group of eligible registrants is limited. Exclusively eligible to register a domain name under the top-level domain .TIROL is any natural person, legal person, organization or association of persons, if they can demonstrate an economic, cultural, touristical, historical, social or any other connection to the Austrian Federal State of Tirol.

By this the .TIROL Community is delineated clearly from Internet users generally, since the government of the Federal State of Tirol has decided that the definition above reflects a clear and exclusive approach towards a Community definition which can not be overruled by any other institution worldwide. By this definition the individuals and entities named above are naturally members of the .TIROL Community.


The .TIROL Community is a mirror image of the Austrian state of Tirol as defined on the official website at http:⁄⁄www.tirol.gv.at⁄en⁄facts-figures⁄. The Austrian state of Tirol comprises of about 0.7 million inhabitants, about 50,000 registered companies and all institutional organizations such as the relevant regional authorities of the state and the administrations of cities and villages. TIROL is one of the wealthiest regions in Europe.


The Federal State of Tirol is the core of the .TIROL Community. It was created following the First World War in 1919. Since early history, Tirol has been a gateway between north and south and a link between two cultural areas - a role that has very much shaped the history of Tirol and is still relevant today. The Via Claudia Augusta built by the Romans to connect southern Germany with northern Italy passed through Tirol.

The activities of the federal state of Tirol and its cities and villages include all political, economic, cultural, touristical, social and other activities a state may pursue.


The state of Tirol comprises an area of about 12.648 km2, the population being 700.000. The capital city is Innsbruck, host of the first Winter Youth Olympics in 2012. Tirol has 279 communities, among those 11 cities, in 9 districts. More information can be found at the website of the government of the federal state of Tirol at http:⁄⁄www.tirol.gv.at⁄en⁄

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