18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.CEOCEOTLD Pty Ltdrodenbaugh.comView

The .ceo TLD will bring clear benefits by functioning as a dedicated, trusted, easily located online space for CEOTLD Pty Ltd. CEOTLD Pty Ltd.ʹs will apply Kred’s community-based influence and outreach measurement products along with real world rankings and other information feeds to deliver a dedicated channel for, by and about the CEO community and its members.

All registrations in the .ceo TLD will be controlled by CEOTLD Pty Ltd. to protect and prevent abuse of CEOTLD Pty Ltd.’s valuable commercial reputation.

The .ceo TLD will allow individuals within the CEO Community to connect and share information about their professional and personal interests and their achievements. The .ceo TLD will also allow individuals outside the CEO Community to discover and interact with members of the community. Finally, individuals can discover the most influential CEOs within specific industries. Interactions with the CEO Community will assist in building brand loyalty.

By providing a space in which Internet users can feel confident about the legitimacy of the information they seek, the .ceo TLD will promote awareness of and contribute to a broader confidence in content within .ceo. The naming convention that will be employed in the .ceo TLD (for example, individual.ceo, places⁄location.ceo, or industry.ceo) will enable online users to find the information they seek more quickly and reliably while reducing confusion.

(2i) Level of Service and Reputation

CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends to be both Registry operator and the sole registrant in the .ceo TLD. The .ceo TLD will be used to register domain names exclusively by CEO. The primary service offered by the .ceo TLD will therefore be the immediate distinction of legitimacy and authority conferred by the direct relationship between information and products found on .ceo sites and CEOTLD Pty Ltd. The identifiable CEOTLD Pty Ltd. brand is the glue that holds all these things together, making the Company and its products more visible and easily locatable on the Internet.

Among Internet users the .ceo TLD will have the reputation of being the official influence and outreach platform for those seeking to join or interact with members of the CEO community. We consider that being one of the first brand TLDs is consistent with our current reputation as dedicated to innovation and the maximization of the benefits of technology in our day-to-day lives.

As the core branding and service platform for CEOTLD Pty Ltd. and its affiliates, we require best-in-class registry services and have hired a highly experienced TLD operator, Neustar Inc., as our registry services provider.

(2ii and 2iii) Differentiation to existing TLDs, and are these differences aimed at addressing a specific need of the targeted user

An important distinction between the .ceo TLD and existing TLDs is the vertical integration of our TLD Model. The .ceo TLD intends to be one of the first TLDs in which domain names are not commercially available, but rather are registered and in complete control of the Registry Operator. This will bring added benefits to the DNS in terms of preventing abuse and infringement, increasing reliability and trust, and contributing to a heightened level of trust and confidence in content within the .ceo TLD.

Another important difference between the .ceo TLD and existing TLDs is the brand-specific nature of our TLD. The .ceo TLD will be one of the first TLDs added to the root in which PeopleBrowsr’s Kred brand, and the values of that brand are clearly communicated by and through the TLD to provide a well-defined and concise space for the CEO Community.

The .ceo TLD will make our CEO sites easily found and accessible to all of the people within the CEO Community, including current and former CEOs and people who belong to CEO clubs and organizations. Individual .ceo TLD pages will also be viewable by anyone interested in the CEO Community.

Due to our exclusive registration policy and the rights protection mechanisms described in this application, CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends that online users will be more reasonably assured that information obtained on .ceo sites is legitimate and can be trusted.

2. (2iv) Provide a complete description of the applicants intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

Eligibility to register domain names in the .ceo TLD is intended to be restricted to CEOTLD Pty Ltd. in accordance with internal processes regarding domain name registration. All registrations will be owned and controlled by CEOTLD Pty Ltd., though use of .ceo domains may be licensed to affiliates under terms and conditions that ensure CEOTLD Pty Ltd.’s ongoing control of all such domains.

Apart from reserved names listed in Specification 5 of ICANN’s draft Registry Agreement (further addressed in response to Question 22), no restrictions will be imposed on which domain names may be registered in our TLD. We envision that domain names will most commonly take the form of CEO Individual.ceo and CEO of Brand .ceo, but other forms of names could also be utilized provided that these are consistent with the mission⁄purpose of our TLD as described above.

(2v) Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures.

CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends for users to perceive the TLD as indicator of the trustworthiness of online information and services provided by us and our affiliates. User trust is enhanced when users are confident that they are interacting with the website and service they intend to interact with, and that their private or confidential information is securely protected. CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends to use advanced technical and policy measures to reasonably ensure the security of online transactions and communications, and to reasonably ensure that domain names in the TLD are only used for purposes authorized by us.

CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends to deploy DNSSEC and to comply with all of the other policies and practices required by ICANN in the Registry Agreement and⁄or via any Consensus Policy. CEOTLD Pty Ltd. intends to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to Internet security and the privacy of users’ confidential information. We already employ commercially reasonable practices with respect to the security of online transactions and users’ private or confidential information in our existing Kred and PeopleBrowsr businesses.

Further policies to protect information from abuse are stated in response to Questions 28 and 29.

(2vi) Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

Marketing and promotion activities on behalf of our TLD will be conducted and targeted at Internet users. We will utilize existing communication channels to inform existing and potential clients and affiliates to the existence of our TLD as a new online means of communicating our brand message, delivering our valuable services, and creating awareness among our users and the broader Internet audience.

A formal marketing campaign with the objective of generating awareness of the .ceo TLD amongst internet users will be managed by our Marketing Department and include initiatives such as:

1. Informing consumers of the .ceo TLD through content developed for our existing web sites.
2. Promotional events at PeopleBrowsr HQ to generate awareness amongst existing users
3. Participation in technology product fairs including having a booth and distributing promotional products and materials. CEO Pty Ltd. already participates in these events to launch and advertise its product range, so greater awareness of the .ceo TLD could be achieved simultaneously.

The awareness generated among Internet users from the activities described above is critical to achievement of the goals of the .ceo TLD. We plan to utilize existing relationships and marketing opportunities by which we and our affiliates promote and deliver our services today., which should efficiently and effectively generate awareness of CEOTLD Pty Ltd.’s new online presence.

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