18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.AMPAMP Limitedrodenbaugh.comView

AMP’s application for the “.amp” TLD is intended to benefit Internet users by enabling an increased ease and efficiency of communication between the company and its customers, employees and affiliates. The TLD will be utilised as a supportive mechanism for branding, technology and services platforms across the business and will serve to improve the Internet user experience from both a performance and security perspective.

AMP Limited has over 160 years of history and experience in the Australian financial and investment services industries. It was founded in 1849 with its headquarters based in Sydney. The company is listed on both the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges and has a shareholder base of approximately 890,000.

In 2011, AMP began a merger with the Asia-Pacific branch of AXA, a move that saw two of Australia and New Zealand’s longest standing financial service providers creating a strong competitive offering with a renewed focus on the customer experience. The emerging business structure is comprised of the AMP Financial Services, AMP Capital and AXA Asia-Pacific groups which employ over 6000 employees and 4000 self-employed financial planners. Under the AMP Limited brand, these groups service in excess of 3.8 million customers across a variety of service platforms.

In order to service these customers and our wider stakeholders, AMP has developed a long-term and sustainable vision for the development of our business which centres on our promise of ‘For all our tomorrows: delivering the right balance of security and performance’. AMP’s strong internet presence, along with business critical technologies such as the world wide web and email, are of central importance to this promise. As such, the business envisions that the “.amp” TLD and the domain names registered under it will be a great opportunity for AMP to interact online with its current network of employees, customers and financial planners.

The “.amp” Registry will provide an internet space, under the control of AMP, to allow the distribution and exchange of information and services among the business and its stakeholders by means of, but not limited to, websites, social networks, email and other technologies that resides within the domain name space.

The personal and sensitive nature of the information and services provided by AMP dictates that protection, privacy and security be a significant driver of any enhancements to the business’ online presence and activity. Given the importance that AMP places on providing its customers with a secure service platform, it is anticipated that the domain name space will benefit the business and its stakeholder network through providing an additional level of protection and security assurance. The prevalence of additional digital channels through the advent and adoption of smart phones, tablets and other roaming devices places further emphasis on the need for AMP to effectively manage the integrity and protection of its online presence which will be assisted through access to a secure and internally manageable domain space.

To this end, AMP intends to initially reserve all names within the TLD to itself, and to primarily use any of those domain names for branding, navigational and security assurance purposes relating the business’ online presence, service delivery and customer interaction. Eventually, AMP anticipates that its affiliates, namely its financial planner network, could license the use of domains within the domain space from the business. However, such licenses could only be made through direct agreement with AMP, which limits the use of the domain name to purposes specified and approved by the company. Such terms would be enforced via monitoring and quick action to mitigate any negative effects of any unauthorised or unintended abuse, if any. Licenses of the domain names could be revoked by AMP at any time, for any reason.

Ultimately, our goal is to help customers and stakeholders to ‘own their tomorrow’ and the “.amp” domain space would provide the business with a platform to deliver information and services in an integrated and secure digital channel.

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