18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.PIZZAAsiamix Digital Limitedvlad.telView

(i) The .pizza TLD will focus, on the one hand, on the pizza production and distribution industry restaurants, pizzerias, take away shops, frozen pizza producers etc. On the other hand the end-users for the information distributed via .pizza TLD will be the pizza consumers, i. e. the general public.

.pizza will pay special attention to trademark holders as we believe an important share of our target customer base comes from that group.

(ii) .pizza as a new TLD will increase the supply of digital identifiers and therefore provide a wider consumer choice. .pizza will compete with generic Top Level Domains by providing a highly available, focused namespace that will generate most convenient and short internet addresses for its target audience.

.pizza will be the first Top Level Domain dedicated to people’s loyalty and devotion with a specific focus on the material world.

(iii) We hope that .pizza will first of all be a good source of intuitive, self-explanatory and easy-to-remember internet addresses. Applicant will pay special attention on serving trademark holders so they can claim their brands as domain names.
Besides we commit to provide a flawless TLD registry service to registrars, registrants and end users. 100% DNS availability, protection against security threats via DNSSEC, highest standards of technical and support services for registrars are our priorities in terms of user experience.

(iv) .pizza TLD will be rolled out in several phases. During the first phase, Sunrise Period, trademark holders will be provided an opportunity to exercise their priority rights for their intellectual property. Sunrise Period will be run according to the ICANN requirements. Applicant will support the Trademark Clearinghouse and will accept registration requests from parties that have pre-validated their trademarks through the Trademark Clearinghouse. Full details about the Sunrise procedures and policies are available in section 29.
Applicant believes that its core registrant base are trademark holders and will therefore pay special attention to informing potential Sunrise customers about the .pizza Sunrise Period.
The second registration phase will be Landrush where all interested parties will be able to register a .pizza domain name (not allocated during Sunrise) by paying a premium price. Possible options for Landrush period include:
- auctions
- premium price first come first served registration
- requests for proposals
- tiered pricing for different classes of domain names
Applicant will conduct a market research to determine the best method of distribution of .pizza domain names during Landrush. One or more options mentioned above may be implemented.
After the end of Landrush period the General Availability phase will start. Registrations will be provided on a first come first served basis at a normal price.
Besides the phased launch policies Applicant will adopt a comprehensive Acceptable Use Policy that will set forth the limits of acceptable use of .pizza domains and the procedures the Registry will apply in case of violations of applicable laws or policies, including takedown procedures. The initial proposed Acceptable Use Policy is provided in section 29.

(v) Applicant in its capacity of a TLD registry operator does not intend to provide any special services for protecting privacy or confidential information of registrants or end-users apart from those required by applicable laws, policies, agreements or technical standards. Some registry services include as their integral part, protection of usersʹ confidential information. Examples of such services are:
- SRS (protecting confidentiality of the EPP transfer authorisation codes)
- Dissemination of TLD zone files (protecting confidentiality of zone file FTP accounts credentials)
All registry services, including those described above, will be provided in accordance with the ICANN requirements and specifications to the Registry Agreement. The data security measures adopted by the Applicant are described in detail in the answer to question 30 ʺSecurity Policyʺ.

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