18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.LTDC.V. TLDcaretvision.nlView

The internet as we know today has become very generic. Although that is has become an incredible tool giving the possibility to millions of internet users worldwide to search any and all kind of information, there is a lot of confusing and malicious information that is available. Consequently, it has become more and more difficult for companies and brand owners to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the internet user from the other of millions of domain names that have no primary or secondary meaning. In many cases internet users do not really know anymore whether they are dealing with a true company with all kinds of negative experiences as a result Also if you look at some of existing gTLDs that were set up with an initial purpose to serve the corporate market, you can see that that purpose has diluted.

With .ltd TLD we as the Applicant want to change that experience, bringing back the true meaning of a specific TLD that will allow companies that are registered within a specific region to be able to register their company names within the .ltd TLD, making it clearer for the user that he is dealing with the corporate market. As such, this specific TLD will provide companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves from any other TLD due to the fact that the Applicant will ensure and enhance restricted policies (i.e. only companies registered within the Commonwealth countries, Ireland, China, Hong Kong and⁄or Brazil will be allowed to apply for a domain name). The result will be a genuine, safe and secure TLD that will not tolerate any abuses or misuse of domain names or websites and will ensure that all companies that apply for a domain name do indeed meet the requirements of the policies as laid down by the Applicant. In addition companies that were not entitled to register their company names as a domain name due to unavailability will now have the opportunity to do so.

In addition, the Applicant is convinced that an .ltd TLD will be an added value to the internet community as a whole and to the internet user in specific. As the internet domain space- as we know today- will entirely change the internet users will search the internet on a whole different level. The internet will no longer exist primarily of “.com” domain names, but the domain name space will become more segregated. Consequently, the Applicant truly believes that the .ltd TLD will provide an added value by setting up and managing a TLD that will only allow companies that are registered in the Commonwealth countries, Ireland, China, Hong Kong and⁄or Brazil to apply for a domain name. The Applicant wants to ensure that all registrants have a link within the TLD, as the term ʺltdʺ is used by the majority of companies that are registered under the laws and regulations of Commonwealth countries, Ireland, China, Hong Kong and⁄or Brazil.

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