18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.CIMBCIMB Group Sdn Bhdipmirror.comView

The proposed TLD is a closed registry to be used solely by CIMB Group Sendirian Berhad to develop an online platform that distinctively promotes the applicant’s brand CIMB as the Top-Level Domain Name.

The key missions or purposes of the proposed TLD are to authenticate and reinforce CIMB Group’s market presence, create a platform for clear and intuitive online branding as well as introduce high levels of security and advanced functionality to the top level domain name.

The proposed TLD also ensures consistent representation of all CIMB Group’s businesses as well as that of its subsidiaries across the world. It is able to enhance brand and domain security and protection by eliminating all opportunities for fraudulent and abusive registrations. The proposed TLD, which is completely under the control of CIMB Group Sendirian Bhd, will provide internet users an undisputable and unambiguous online environment.

Apart from reinforcing customer engagement through the usage of a simplified and more intuitive domain name, the proposed TLD also drives recall and efficiency of marketing messages by promoting direct navigation among users. It sets CIMB apart from other competitors as it marks leadership innovation within brand and digital environments.

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