18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.tennisTENNIS AUSTRALIA LTDtennis.com.auView

The mission and purpose of the .tennis TLD is to provide an authoritative, intuitive and cohesive online space for the Australian Tennis Community, as defined by Tennis Australia Pty Ltd (Tennis Australia). Tennis Australia is the governing body of tennis in Australia and has a core mission to simply “make Australia the greatest tennis nation on the planet”. The .tennis TLD will serve to promote this overall purpose by creating a namespace that enhances the community’s online presence, which will support interactivity, engagement, authoritative information and promotion of the activities of the Tennis Australia Community and the game of tennis overall. The .tennis TLD will support the continued growth of the game within Australia by developing a platform for online growth and engagement.

The .tennis TLD will support all clearly defined members, partners and affiliates of the Australian Tennis Community. As such, the TLD will, support the Community Priority designation as defined in Question 20 of ICANN Applicant Guidebook. Only individuals and entities belonging to the Tennis Australia community will be eligible to register a domain name within the .tennis TLD, as strict eligibility criteria will be introduced. This will ensure that the .tennis TLD is utilised in the manner that supports the core mission and purpose of the TLD – to promote the activities and community of Tennis Australia.

The .tennis TLD will also provide a means of revenue for Tennis Australia, as it plans to charge a registration fee for each domain name registered by the Tennis Australia community. Tennis Australia has a core value to “Build sustainable resources to invest in the growth of the game. More money to grow more fans, more players and more champions”. The revenue generated from the .tennis namespace will be used to assist in the delivery of this value.

The mission and purpose of the proposed .tennis gTLD shares ICANN’s stated aim to promote public interest. Tennis Australia is committed to contribute towards achieving such initiatives in line with ICANN’s Affirmation of Commitments, which includes:
- Consumer trust: The .tennis gTLD registry will operate as a registry where only those within the defined tennis community of Australia will be able to register domain names at the second level. Consumers will be able to have greater confidence in the information provided under the .tennis TLD, in knowing that the information is provided by those community members. As domain names within the .tennis TLD will be subject to registration standards, policies and procedures, the incidence of abuse and cybersquatting (through adequate protection of trademark holders) will be significantly lower and Internet users will have greater confidence in the information they receive about the Tennis Australia Community.
- Competition: The .tennis TLD will contribute to the initiatives of competition and consumer choice, through its operation focusing on promoting consumer trust and convenience, as well as providing an alternative domain name space to registrations in other TLDs.
- Consumer choice: The proposed .tennis gTLD will support user-driven improvements, with second level domains to be registered by eligible registrants. The .tennis gTLD registration policy will provide clear guidance on the registration and use of domain names in the namespace, which will also contribute towards general service innovations on the Internet.

The registration volume projections in this TLD are based upon analysis of the target market. Projections have been developed with conservatism, taking into account the experience of existing gTLDs and ccTLDs, as well as local market conditions.

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