18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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1 - Benefit for Domain Users, internet users and others

1 - Benefit for Domain Users, internet users and others

* As a reminder, please note that our structure is one of a ʺSingle Registrantʺ. To adjust your question to our scenario we think it is necessary to talk about the benefits of our new gTLD to ʺDomain Usersʺ (and not ʺregistrantsʺ). Our goal in term of benefit for Domain Users, internet users and others is first of all achieved by the expansion of our areas of specialty, the improvement of our service level and the enhancement of our reputation. Having our own gTLD will permit to target finite audiences through customized content. A better service level is achieved through a better online accessibility to products and services: .mma will be used as a restructuring tool of the online services. For instance, our new gTLD will allow a better access to content through a better search engine ranking results and through a more intuitive direct navigation. Having control over the top level domain gives us all possible latitude. From another point of view, developing our e-services makes possible the reinforcement of certain specialties in our activities via the capture of new market segments for example. All this, is the first step in developing our groupʹs international dimension on the long term. This expansion will enhance our reputational and notoriety boost and optimize the strategies of our brand.

* We are aware of the mission new gTLDs are given: fostering competition is also part of the vision we have of our new TLD. Winning new markets, widening our specialties through our .mma will increase the number of competitors in certain fields and thus encourage competition. Also, the business model MMA will offer (i.e. federation of its community and engagements it makes to its community) will set an example to other insurance companies in the French market by giving strong proof of its determination to be innovative and responsible on a corporate, social and environmental level. In the same time, in terms of differentiation, MMA will have the particularity of widening its fields of activity via .mma and offering secure and high level services to its customers. For instance, MMA can anticipate the evolution of its customersʹ behaviour by facilitating access to information via relevant key words and facilitating navigation within its websites and its Domain Users websites.

* Our proposed new gTLD will have a number of advantages in terms of user experience. Members of the MMA community, eligible for having the use of their own domain name under .mma extension (Domain Users), will receive a new legitimacy, ensuring and confirming that they share the values and expectations of MMAʹs community. Furthermore, communicating with the public via .mma provides Domain Users with a better visibility and a greater impact on internet users. Those end users will also benefit from the .mma experience: they will have a warranty as to the origin and quality of the services. Unauthorized sales and channel non-compliance will be more difficult within our gTLD since only authorized service providers will be granted the use of a second level domain. Customers will therefore confidently purchase legitimate services.

* Because we will own our gTLD, we can then set the domain registration policy and control who is eligible for a domain and what content is permitted. Thus, we can prevent unwanted activity by domainers and cybersquatters. The scenario through which we offer increased security is one where MMA will appear as the owner of all domain names (ʺSingle Registrantʺ) and consequently grant the use of such domain names to eligible Domain Users. This will secure a strengthened control over domain names and will add an extra measure allowing the protection of trademarks. This measure will form with the implementation of a Delegation Commission (controlling the eligibility requirements and awarding use of domain names to Domain Users), the Sunrise period and the trademark claims service a strong commitment to preserve third parties rights. A registration policy will be adopted, allowing MMA to reserve to itself not only the ownership but also the use of certain domain names i.e. domain names related to MMA trademarks, to geographical names, departments, services and group projects. Our registration policy will include the following usage eligibility requirements: First of all, the asked for domain name should not be one reserved by MMA (both ownership and use). The person or entity requiring the use of the domain name shall be a person or an entity which has or may have a privileged link with MMA (i.e. a social, economic and⁄or partnership relation). The application should be done in support of a project in relation to the activities and⁄or needs of MMA and⁄or MMAʹs community. In any case, the person or entity and project should be compliant with MMAʹs values otherwise MMA reserve the right to refuse the grant of a license to use. A list of documents shall be provided in support of the application such as: identification certificate of the applying person or entity, proof as to their honesty and integrity, proof of an oral or written agreement with MMA, project outline and in case of an applied for trademark, justify the ownership of such trademark.

* MMA is a French Group, we therefore commit to adopt privacy measures upon recommendation of CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Freedoms). Domain Users data will be kept by MMA for internal purposes only.

Finally, we would like to insist on the fact that our benefits may not be achievable without implementing our .mma project. At this point, and with all the changes new gTLDs will bring to the internet, it is mandatory for us to restructure our institutional websites in a pyramidal structure where MMA sits at the peak. Our new gTLD will permit efficient communication campaigns with our community and the general public.

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