18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

Prototypical answer:

gTLDFull Legal NameE-mail suffixDetail
.GGEEGMO Internet, Inc.gmoregistry.comView

G-Gee is a Smartphone game platform. Launched in 2010, G-Gee has over 7 million members in 136 countries. As a secure distribution platform, G-Gee provides developers with fast and economical entry into the Android market. Over 300 games are distributed on G-Gee including world renowned game titles and original content.

G-Gee is operated by GMO Internet Group companies GMO GameCenter K.K. (the service operator) in Japan and its two subsidiaries GMO GameCenter Korea and GMO GameCenter US. The trademark rights are held by parent company, GMO Internet, Inc. who is the company applying for the .GGEE TLD (the Applicant).

GMO Internet Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the company at the core of GMO Internet Group, consisting of 84 companies in 8 countries. The Group is the number one provider of domain registration, web hosting, ecommerce and payment gateway solutions, and online FX trading services in Japan. Under the corporate slogan “Japan’s leading All-in Provider of Internet Services” the group operates in four business segments, Web Infrastructure & Ecommerce, Internet Media, Internet Securities and Social Media & Smartphone Platform.

.GGEE will serve as the unifying domain surrounding for G-Gee services globally.

.GGEE is a domain for GMO GameCenter and its stakeholders. The primary purpose of .GGEE is to consolidate G-Gee related domain names registered under various TLDs into an official .GGEE extension. In addition, GMO aims to achieve the following goals with .GGEE:

1. Alleviating user confusion and improving convenience for Internet users
The Service operator has registered many domain names under various gTLDs and ccTLDs not only for actual use but also as a trademark protection measure. Despite these efforts, there exist many domain name registrations and websites that infringe the Applicant’s trademarks. As a result, Internet users often have difficulty differentiating bona fide websites from fraudulent ones. Positioning .GGEE as the official domain for the service, and unifying the brand’s web presence under .GGEE, would provide easy access and interaction, and it is believed that this would reduce confusion and improve user experience.

2. Marketing Branding
Since .GGEE is a brand new TLD that directly represents a brand name, it is expected to be a highly effective marketing and branding tool. The Applicant believes that .GGEE will not only reinforce the service brand on the Internet, but also attract people to visit the website because .GGEE domain names make it easier for Internet users to access to the information related to the service brand.

3. Simplifying domain name management
The third purpose for applying for .GGEE is to simplify the management of domain names registered. As stated earlier, the service operator has many domain names under the various TLDs, posing a challenge in dealing with different registration and operation rules, log-in systems, etc. .GGEE would make it possible to manage domain names under the .GGEE rules and systems umbrella and would replace various G-Gee related domain names with .GGEE domain names. As a consequence, it will be safer and easier for the .GGEE stakeholders to manage their domain names.

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