18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

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1. Q 18 (b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

We expect that our proposed gTLD will benefit Internet users in so far as it will help us protect our trademark and our company’s reputation in order to offer Internet users a seal of quality. Our customers and Internet users in general will be able to rest assured that a website with our brand’s TLD is authentic and secure. This will help strengthen our brand while increasing our customers’ and the Internet Communityʹs loyalty and trust.

Internet users seeking reliable first-hand information about our products or our company will benefit largely from the possibility to restrict the search space to the contents of .sap domains. Companies, reseller or other institution with whom we partner and to whom we want to give domain space under the .sap TLD will benefit from this reputation as well.

2. Q 18 (b) i.) What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of speciality, service levels, or reputation?

The .sap TLD is a single registrant gTLD with its focus on our company, our customers, suppliers, partners, contractors, and especially on our products and services. This implicates a high degree of speciality. The Internet Community can expect to find more accurate, reliable, relevant and up-to-date information on us and our products and services than elsewhere in the domain name space.

The goal of our operation of the .sap gTLD is, among others, to improve the brand communication and to strengthen the customer and partner relationship. As such, it lies in our own interest to achieve service levels that guarantee for a satisfying user experience. The same holds for reputation.

3. Q 18 (b) ii.) What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?

We are planning to enable Internet users to find more specialised and in-depth information on SAP products and services on .sap domains than anywhere else in the Internet.

While for most domains within our brand gTLD the focus will be on the content rather than on innovative Web technologies, some marketing campaigns and project sites will probably stand out with bleeding-edge technologies and concepts.

4. Q 18 (b) iii.) What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

A delightful user experience is likely to improve brand perception in the same way that a bad one is likely to damage it. As such, it is SAPʹs intention to provide Internet users with the best possible user experience. To achieve that, SAP is planning to implement monitoring and quality assurance measures.

5. Q 18 (b) iv.) Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

We are not intending to sell domains to third party. We will be deciding to offer the second level domains based on our business requirements and priorities. Requesters do not have a right to a particular domain.

Additionally, SAP will have its own registration policies to assign second level domains. We will also have policies to maintain content integrity that will not proliferate to domains that are not relevant.

6. Q 18 (b) v.) Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures. Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

SAP will monitor and safeguard compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

As for outreach and communications, SAP will use its marketing and communications channels to socialise the fact that it has obtained this gTLD and its uses, benefits and protections to target audiences.

7. Envisioned purpose of the .sap gTLD

7.1 Products:

7.1.1 Strategy

* Align SAPs product offerings⁄offering categories under a unique umbrella
* Apply .sap extension to these categories with high equity to project a cohesive brand and relationship

7.1.2 Illustrative URL - hana.sap

7.1.3 Audience

* Existing customers
* Potential customers
* SAP customers
* SAP partners

7.1.4 Sample Content:

* Product offering’s content along with clear messaging defining the relationship between the SAP brand and the product
* Future vision for products within portfolio

7.2 Acquisitions

7.2.1 Strategy

* Align acquired offers under a single umbrella
* Apply .sap extension to acquisitions with high equity to project a cohesive brand and relationship
* Use additional time to manage details regarding portfolio migration

7.2.2 Illustrative URL - sybase.sap

7.2.3 Audience:

* Analysts
* Potential customers
* SAP customers
* SAP partners
* Users of acquired brand

7.2.4 Sample Content:

* Acquired brand’s content along with clear messaging defining the relationship between the SAP brand and acquired offers
* Future vision for products within portfolio

7.3 New offer areas

7.3.1 Strategy

* When moving to a new offer area outside the current brand portfolio, use as a dedicated area for showcasing product content
* Create a clear connection between the new areas and SAP’s existing capabilities

7.3.2 Illustrative URL - mobile.sap

7.3.3 Audience:

* Analysts
* Potential customers
* SAP customers

7.3.4 Sample Content:

* Product information paired with clear messaging defining the relationship between products and other SAP offers
* Thought leadership on SAP’s role in that area

7.4 Marketing campaigns and brand building

7.4.1 Strategy

* A dedicated place for elevating SAP’s impact beyond the product level
* Space for a branded platform to celebrate the customer benefits of SAP
* Tied to a high-level brand asset (tagline, campaign)
* Eliminates the need to secure a new URL disconnected from the brand each time the campaign is refreshed

7.4.2 Illustrative URL - runbetter.sap

7.4.3 Audience:

* Analysts
* Potential customers
* SAP customers

7.4.4 Sample Content:

* Customer success stories
* User-submitted content
* Forum for dialogue

7.5 Vision and thought leadership

7.5.1 Strategy

* Elevate SAP’s thought leadership through blogs, editorial content etc.
* Place for thought leaders including but not limited to SAP’s co-CEOs to share their future vision for:
** the business
** the category
** the world as it relates to technology.

7.5.2 Illustrative URL - future.sap

7.5.3 Audience:

* Analysts⁄Media
* Potential customers
* SAP customers

7.5.4 Sample Content:

* Keynote speeches
* Interviews
* White papers
* Weekly briefings

7.6 Events

7.6.1 Strategy

* While the SAPPHIRE NOW experience happens once a year, the experience could be refreshed and revisited year round:
** Maintains enthusiasm for SAP’s industry-leadership position and interest in its offers

7.6.2 Illustrative URL - sapphirenow.sap

7.6.3 Audience:

* Analysts⁄Media
* Potential customers
* SAP customers

7.6.4 Sample Content:

* Essential SAPPHIRE NOW content
* Highlights of SAPPHIRE NOW presentations, ongoing thought leadership
* content (tied to product innovation, product releases R&D, etc.)
* Forums for attendee discussions & virtual campuses

7.7 Consumer

7.7.1 Strategy

* Create a distinct-yet-related experience for consumers exploring SAP’s app offerings in a non-B2B context

7.7.2 Illustrative URL - poweredby.sap

7.7.3 Audience:

* Consumer Audience who may or may not be part of SAP’s target for its business products

7.7.4 Sample Content:

* App exploration
* App labs
* Crowd-sourcing ideas

7.8 Corporate social responsibility

7.8.1 Strategy

* Ensure all of SAP’s individual community, environment, and charitable works are all collectively communicated to establish SAP’s position on corporate social responsibility

7.8.2 Illustrative URL - betterworld.sap

7.8.3 Audience:

* Investors
* Analysts⁄media
* Potential customers

7.8.4 Sample Content:

* CSR platform tying together all responsibility efforts:
** areas of charitable giving
** community outreach
** employee development
** environmental efforts⁄sustainability

7.9 Strategic partners

7.9.1 Strategy

* Focus all partner relationship channels into a single hub, making it easier to:
** access brand content
** access product content
** help create stronger relationships with SAP customers

7.9.2 Illustrative URL - partners.sap

7.9.3 Audience:

* Current partners
* Potential partners

7.9.4 Sample Content:

* Reconfigured partner content:
** streamline navigation of portals and labs into a cohesive environment

7.10 Recruiting

7.10.1 Strategy

* Create a compelling destination for those considering a career at SAP, and position SAP as a leading employer

7.10.2 Illustrative URL - joinus.sap

7.10.3 Audience:

* Recruiters
* Potential hires

7.10.4 Sample Content:

* Experiential platform for communicating what it’s like to work at SAP:
** videos
** employee testimonials
** development opportunities

7.11 Country specific sites

7.11.1 Strategy

* Create unique presence for geographies⁄countries where SAP has business presence. This will allow local representatives to tailor content relevant to the target Audience of that particular region.

7.11.2 Illustrative URL - emea.sap

7.11.3 Audience:

* Analysts
* Current customers
* Potential customers
* SAP customers
* SAP partners

7.11.4 Sample Content:

* Reconfigured country specific content:
** streamline navigation of country⁄region specific content into a cohesive experience

7.12 Second and third level domain URLs

* We envision using multi-level domain URLs for all the use cases defined above. This will help us achieve a deep level of association with the target Audience.

7.12.1 Illustrative URL:

* technical.partners.sap
* what.sap
* i.love.my.sap

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