18(c) What operating rules will you adopt to eliminate or minimize social costs?

Prototypical answer:

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.politiePolitie Nederlandvtspn.nlView

Since the “.politie” TLD will only register domains for its own usage and with only the police as the registrant there will no ‘social costs’ whatsoever involved in the operation of “.politie” TLD. Instead of that, the fact that all internet communications from the Dutch Police will be under the “.politie” domain will enhances the trust for all internet users that these communications are for 100% sure to actual come from the Dutch police and reach the Dutch police.

To be complete:
- There will be no multiple applications for any particular domain name as all registrations will be done in the name of a single party: the Dutch Police;
- There will not be any cost benefits for registrants as there will be no other registrations than by the Dutch Police;
- The Dutch Police will, as it is obliged to, work with an ICANN registrar and also allow all ICANN registrars to sign its standard Registry Registrar Agreement. It is expected however that the Dutch Police in its role as a registrant will register all domains through a single registrar. As the Dutch Police will be the sole registrant of domains under “.politie”, and in the end will cover all the costs for as well the running of the registry and the registration fees to be paid as the registrant, the registry plans to register and publish the domains under “.politie” without any charge to the registrar. The registrar will as usual add its mark up towards the registrant. Given this situation not any price in- or decreases are foreseen.

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