18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.politiePolitie Nederlandvtspn.nlView

With the commissioning of the National Police, a new era for policing has started in the Netherlands. The formation of a national police force offers opportunities for improvement and innovation. The ambitions and expectations are high. The police provide a recognizable order in society and is the focus of social developments and public attention. The trust of citizens and administrators in good police work is of great significance because it is an important indicator for the acceptance of the authority and the actions of the police.

The police are constantly faced with new security issues. New tasks, such as the surveillance of the Internet and processing of images of citizens are being shaped into a valued service component of the police portfolio of tasks.
To increase public safety in the Netherlands, regional and national units of the National Police must work together very closely. This cooperation is dependent on information- and IT-facilities to which the Police have access.

In the cooperation with private and public partners and citizens, information exchange is vital. Police and partners are strongly dependent on each otherʹs sharing of information and on a common approach to safety issues within society. The police and partner organizations have a clear need to significantly improve information exchange.

The Internet is seen as an important tool to enhance both the internal cooperation within the Police and the external cooperation with citizens and partner organizations as far as possible.

The National Police as an organization already offers its services via the Internet. This includes: a national and global portal for the National Police, in interaction with citizens, businesses and other national and international agencies and police organizations.

The expectation is that in the near future all citizen interactions with the Police, if desired, can be performed over the Internet, or that at least the first steps will have been achieved to make this possible. Searching for (informative-) information, a declaration - or logging a report and being able to directly communicate with a Police officer in the neighborhood, are just some of the basic functionalities expected in this context.

In addition, an Internet portal for the National Police will offer opportunities for partnerships with local stakeholders and provide a platform for local partners to share information concerning a particular incident or a structural problem within a neighborhood.
Shielded environments that employees themselves can create and manage, provide the opportunity to exchange information and to collaborate with third parties, and between police officers themselves.
Police officers may very well soon be using the Internet to perform their primary duties. The information management of the police will be accessible via the Internet. Furthermore, police officers will be trainable through the Internet and be able to mobilize their expertise via the Internet. The police are then able to present real time information processing and relay real-time information effectively to deploy and capitalize on the core business of maintaining law and order.

In summary, the National Police organization expects to achieve the following aspects with the availability on the toplevel domain ʺ.politieʺ:
• It will emphasize the role of the National Police in the current information society.
• It offers the possibility to take responsibility for the availability and safer use of Internet technology and services.
• It ensures the availability and future stability of an internal service offering and of service delivery to citizens, businesses and partner organizations.
• By taking the responsibility for the issuance of subdomains, the integrity of the police will be better guaranteed. This contributes to the visibility of the Police on the internet and provides an improved reputation.
• Domain names in which the word ʹpolitieʹ occurs but not being a subdomain of ʺ.politieʺ are instantly recognizable to citizens, businesses and partner organizations, as not being part of the National Police.

Through the toplevel domain ʺ.politieʺ the National Police positions itself to society as a transparent organization contributing to the improvement of the mutual contact between society and the Police.

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