20(b) Explain the applicant's relationship to the community identified in 20(a)

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Q20 b) - Relationship to the community

b) i. Relations to any community organizations.

In preparation for this application, Dotscot contacted a representative group of organisations and influential individuals both in Scotland and across the diaspora to gage the level of interest and ensure that the bid carried the full weight of support of its target demographic. The results of this have been astounding not just because of the level of support but because of the lack of any objection to what we are trying to achieve.

Below is a list of support letters we have received illustrating the breadth of support and the international nature of it.

◦ UK Government
◦ Minister for Culture, Communications & the Creative Industries, Ed Vaisey MP (the minister with responsibility for Domain-Name policy in the UK)
◦ Scottish Government:
◦ First Minister of Scotland,Right Honourable Alex Salmond MSP
◦ Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Cities Strategy, Nicola Sturgeon MSP
◦ Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny McCaskill MSP
◦ Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hislop MSP
◦ cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Russell MSP⁄BPA
◦ Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP
◦ Humza Yousaf MSP
◦ Local Government:
◦ East Lothian Council
◦ Non-Governmental Organisations
◦ Reform Scotland
◦ Event Scotland
◦ Religions
◦ Catholic Church - 2.5 million members
◦ Business:
◦ Chamber of Commerce, Edinburgh, Scotland - 1980 members
◦ Chamber of Commerce, Scottish Borders, Scotland - 175 members
◦ Written Words, Scotland
◦ Scotland IS (Scotlandʹs software federation), Scotland - 250 member businesses
◦ Legal Knowledge Scotland
◦ ICIPIA Limited, Scotland
◦ Pulsant Limited, Scotland
◦ Gillian Kyle, Scotland
◦ Academia
◦ University of Guelph, Canada
◦ Scots Language Centre, Scotland
◦ University of Otago, New Zealand
◦ Cli Gàidhlig, (Gaelic Language School), Scotland
◦ Sport
◦ The Scottish Football League - 30 member clubs
◦ The Royal Caledonian Curling Club
◦ Culture and Arts:
◦ Chicago Scots, USA - 1300 members
◦ The Associated Clan Donald Societies, New Zealand - 500 members
◦ The Society of St. Andrew of Scotland (Queensland) Limited, Australia -600 members
◦ Clan Donald Society of New South Wales, Australia - 180 members
◦ Perth Burns Club, Scotland
◦ Robert Burns Worldwide Federation (consisting of 285 Burns Clubs worldwide) - 80,000 members
◦ St Andrew-Caledonian Society of Calgary, Canada - 275 members
◦ Friends of Scotland, USA (their Dressed to Kilt event seen annually by over 10 million people)
◦ Scottish Cultural Centre, Vancouver, Canada - 150 members
◦ Scots Around the World, Canada
◦ Influential Individuals
◦ Sir Tom Farmer CVO, CBE, KCSG, FRSE, DL, Scotland (Businessman and philanthropist)
◦ Sir Sean Connery, Scotland (film star and philanthropist) via his Friends of Scotland organisation in the USA
◦ Keith Patrick Cardinal OʹBrian, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh (Head of the Catholic Church in Scotland)

Dotscot believes that with this level of support apparent from the few people and organisations contacted initially, instigating a more systematic, detailed marketing campaign would ensure Dotscot will easily be able to secure domain sales in line with its projections.

b) ii. Relations to the community and its constituent parts⁄groups.

dotScot Registry Limited is based in Scotland, at the heart of the Community. The board includes a former President of the St. Andrews and Caledonian Society of Vancouver and current special adviser to the Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Three members of the board are based in Scotland with one outside of Scotland.

dotScot Registry Limited is a not-for-profit company accountable for bringing the global community of Scots together on the internet and promoting the .scot TLD for the benefit of that community. There is a particular focus on the area of supporting Scottish cultural endeavours at home and across the globe.

dotScot Registry Limited has a close relationship with the Scottish Government enshrined in a joint Memorandum of Understanding. This is supported by a Policy Advisory Group whose role is to ensure that the .scot TLD is appraised and aware of Scottish Government policy in all relevant matters. Dotscot Registry is thus accountable to the Scottish Government.

dotscot Registry Limited has been working closely with the UK Government and has a letter of Non-Objection from them. dotScot Registry Limited is thus accountable to the UK Government.

b) iii. Accountability mechanisms of the applicant to the community.

The structure of dotScot Registry Limited is set as a Not-For-Profit Company. This means the companyʹs profits are not returned as dividends but are instead used to further the aims of the business and to promote Scotland generally. Because of this we have the unequivocal backing of the Scottish Government and a Memorandum of Understanding is in place with them backed by letters of support from the First minister, his Cabinet and local government amongst others.
Through this close relationship, dotSco Registry Limited intends to reach out to the worldwide family of Scots and bring them together to benefit and enhance Scotland, its peoples and culture. This communications channel will inevitably be two-way with the diaspora and others becoming more aware of current Scottish affairs and vice-versa

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