18(a) Describe the mission/purpose of your proposed gTLD

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.MUTUELLEFédération Nationale de la Mutualité Françaisemutualite.frView

(a) The applicant for the .MUTUELLE gTLD, la Mutualite Francaise (“Applicant”), is a French organization that represents about 600 mutual health organizations, which are its main stakeholders (and hereinafter referred to as such).

With the .MUTUELLE gTLD, the Applicant intends to differentiate its organization and positioning by providing access to a common generic top-level domain to all the organizations and stakeholders that are operating under the Code of Mutuality (“Code de la Mutualité”) and who are registered in the “SIRENE” register or, maybe in the future, similar codes or professional rules.

i. First and foremost: make the most out of the opportunity presented by ICANN’s New gTLD Program, and therefore securing the common denominator that regroups the Applicant’s key stakeholders (“MUTUELLE”) as a gTLD;

ii. Support the Applicant and its members in their day-to-day activities, for the benefit of the Applicant, its stakeholders, and their respective members;

iii. Provide stakeholders of the Applicant with a recognizable and trusted identifier - .MUTUELLE – on the Internet. Such stakeholders include, but are not limited to:

• mutual organizations, in particular those operating under « Livre 1 », « Livre 2 » and « Livre 3 » of the French « Code de la Mutualité » and exclusively carrying out the activities laid down in Article L111-1 of this « Code » ; and
• future members and stakeholders of the Applicant.

iv. Considering the importance and sensitivity of the activities of the Applicant and its stakeholders: provide the Applicant and its stakeholders with a secure and safe Internet environment, under the control of the Applicant, in which they are able to communicate and market their respective products and services, including the provision of quality labels and security certificates;

v. Avoid third parties taking control over the .MUTUELLE gTLD, and operate this extension without considering the best interests of the Applicant and its stakeholders.

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