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.smartSmart Communications, Inc. (SMART)smart.com.phView

Smart will setup a publicly accessible look-up⁄ Whois service which will provide a reliable, stable, standards-compliant platform for supporting the .SMART registry. Near real-time updates to the Whois will synchronize updates with the zone file and the .SMART database to avoid subscriber confusion.

One of the critical functions of a registry , Whois is an administrative tool that provides identifying information related to the domain name. The protocol is defined in RFC954. It will be available to anyone via the IANA-assigned port 43 or the .SMART registry website.

The .SMART Whois will support a thick registry model which will contain the contact information associated with the registrant, The Whois service will accommodate queries regarding the data sets listed in the following table.

We would like to clarify that the Whois server will only respond to queries within the domains covered by the .SMART registry. The Whois server will also have a web interface to service these queries.

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