25 Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

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.smartSmart Communications, Inc. (SMART)smart.com.phView

Although the DNRS natively uses the SRS protocol, there is an existing Perl Module, SRS::EPP::Proxy, which implements an XML to XML gateway between the two contemporary protocols, SRS and EPP. This EPP Gateway⁄Proxy transforms EPP to the native SRS of DNRS and vice-versa. The EPP Gateway is compliant with EPP in RFCs 5730-5735. The DNRS is able to implement all the EPP commands.

The .SMART registry has two types of registrars, internal and external. An internal registrar is a company-operated registrar which may register domains in behalf of their units. An internal registrar has access to both EPP Query and Object Transform Commands. All non-internal registrars are external registrars. Object Transform commands from external registrars will never be successfully processed. The SRS will always respond with a “Negative Completion Reply” to Object Transform commands from external registrars.

.SMART will not implement any EPP extensions.

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