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As previously explained, .SMART would be for the exclusive use of the company and there would be no external Registrars to the registry. However, to comply with the requirements of ICANN, the company had tested the Domain Name Registry System (DNRS) Version 5.09, the open source version of the New Zealand Shared Registry System (NZ-SRS) deployed by the .NZ ccTLD. The company would use this system, with minor modifications, as its Shared Registration System.

The DNRS is a system which allows authorized registrars to interface with the .SMART registry in a secure manner to be able to perform registration and maintenance services on the domain names under the registry. For the purpose of .SMART , the registrars are the different company business units which may register domains in behalf of their units.

Four classes of users, based on their roles, have been identified as users of the SRS. In the following table, we detail each class together with a description of its role and interaction with the system.


General Internet : The user seeks information about a domain User to determine whether such a SLD exists and, if it does, get the responsible person and his contact details.

Registrar : Registers and manages one or more SLDs in behalf of a registrant. The company had modified the DNRS to create two classes of registrars: internal and external. An external registrar has access only to the Query commands to retrieve information about domains. It has no access to any of the Object Transform commands. The internal registrar which is operated by the company has access to both Query and Object Transform Commands. The classification of registrars is a mere table entry and may be modified by the Registry.

Registry: This approves the creation⁄deletion⁄transfer of SLDs.This class includes the staff of the registry authorized to perform actions on registered domains in behalf of the company.

Technical Staff: This monitors the operations of the SRS and performs maintenance services on the systems. They receive system alerts and may perform authorized modifications to the system.

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