18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.smartSmart Communications, Inc. (SMART)smart.com.phView

The .SMART gTLD will serve the needs of SMART including the provisioning of its cellular, wireless broadband, financial, technology solutions, mobile virtual networks and satellite services for the use of its authorized mobile and Internet subscribers.

The .SMART gTLD is for the exclusive use of the company and its subsidiaries, its authorized partners, and its subscribers, hence it will be a closed-registry model. It is not for the use of the general public.

Applications for registrations will be reviewed by the company’s .SMART Policy Board to protect the interests of its subscribers, partners, affiliates and equity.

The .SMART gTLD will follow SMART’s privacy policies for its services. Please refer to answers to Sections 26 and 30 for the details.

SMART will use the .SMART gTLD to operate its businesses. The registry will not be a direct business of the company but is seen as a support infrastructure for the company’s businesses. Hence, the stability of the registry is dependent on the stability of the company. Funding for the registry will come from the company’s network, IT and marketing budgets. SMART is one of the highest earning companies in the Philippines and high growth is still foreseen especially for its broadband Internet business.

SMART has a strong and robust technical infrastructure and capabilities and because the company will be directly controlling the .SMART gTLD, capacity and operations can be planned.

Completely and solely operated by the company, the registryʹs reputation will be tied with that of the company. This will assure the companyʹs partners and subscribers that every domain in the registry is vetted by the company in the same manner that it vets its service and products.
In its delivery, the .SMART gTLD will help mitigate security risks for its services and operations, ensuring consumer confidence.

The .SMART gTLD will also be a conduit for new and innovative products from SMART as it further expands its businesses not only for subscribers in the Philippines but also to subscribers and partners worldwide.

To achieve these projected benefits, SMART will conduct a multimedia campaign strategy and program that will communicate the establishment of the .SMART gTLD as well as its applications for various business streams. The campaign will ride on and will be integrated in SMART’s heavy marketing and communications investments.

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