20(c) Provide a description of the community-based purpose of the applied-for gTLD

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.REITNational Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Inc.nareit.comView

Domain names within the .reit TLD will be intended for registration and use only by REITs, companies that qualify or operate as REITs under relevant national law. For this purpose, national law will include the legislation and regulations of the relevant country, along with the regulations and customs of any applicable recognized stock exchanges or securities regulators; and the applying entity’s organizational documents to the extent consistent with the four-factor test described above. Domain names within the TLD will not be available to the general public, for purchase, sale or registration. Domain names within the TLD also will not be available to entities that do not qualify as a REIT under relevant national law, including REIT associations (e.g., the members of REESA), real estate companies, investors, industry professionals, academics, or individuals who advise, study or provide services to the REIT industry.

Because the TLD will be public facing, intended end-users will include not only REITs, but also general Internet users looking for original and authentic information about REITs from REITs.

NAREIT intends to operate a community registry in order to further the interests of the global REIT community. The purpose of the proposed .reit TLD is to continue to ensure integrity in the term “REIT,” so that both the general and investing public are informed, and awareness is heightened regarding the identities of members of the global REIT community. The .reit TLD will serve all REITs by working to preserve, perfect and promote the REIT approach to real estate investment through the online environment.

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