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For Whois service we have implemented our own Whois server application with simple domain, contact, host object and registrar search. Server is RFC 3912 compliant and we tried to make configuration the same as you request in Specification 4, we used that specification for development so our output is exactly the same as specified there. Server itself obtains data directly from registry SQL servers, server application has cache for ten minutes, we want the Whois information to always be up to date.

Request limiter is implemented directly inside the whois server. It limits the number of requests on IP address basis. The limit can vary according to current server load and configuration. We plan to use limit between 10-100 requests per minute.

We are not planning to have publicly available search service, although we probably will enable such searches for registrars.

Currently it is not possible to do partial searches or use wildcards. Only exact matches are possible.

Searches are possible by:

Domain name - to get information such as domain status, admin, billing, technical and registrant contacts, nameservers used to resolve such domain and the creation, last modification and expiry dates, as well as the identification of sponsoring registrar.

Contact handle – contact information for subjects used as registrant, admin, billing or technical contacts, identified by its unique registry ID.

Registrar organisation – contact information of the company responsible for managing the domain names

Nameservers – possible to search by nameserver address (ns1.example.com) or glue IP addresses.

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