18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.unicornUnicorn a.s.unicorn.euView

The proposed gTLD “.unicorn” is the brand domain name. The applicant does intend to strictly control and limit registration and use of the domain name and does not expect any massive increase in numbers of users and registrants. The number of registrants and users of the domain name will not exceed 1000 in the first year with max. 20% growth every year. The applicant does not intend to be a commercial registry with thousands of registrations per month. The proposed gTLD “.unicorn” should serve mainly to applicant itself, for its promotion and better recognition throughout the business world, and to applicant’s customers and business partners, not to everyday use by infinite and unclosed number of registrants⁄users.
The applicant will register and maintain registrations of SLD under “.unicorn” gTLD through its contractual partner, company Gransy s.r.o. - the first Czech ICANN accredited registrar. A copy of the respective Letter of Intent is attached. With respect to the intended scope of use of the proposed gTLD, the applicant will not adopt any special registration rules and measures. The applicant itself will decide whether its business partner or any other subject using Unicorn Universe system should have also SLD under “.unicorn” and for what purpose. The applicant is entitled to terminate, at its discretion, a SLD registration if facts, on the basis of which the domain name was registered, change, for example if the registrant cease using Unicorn Universe or any other UNICORN system, if ceases to exist without any legal successor or dies without any heirs, or if acts against good morals and interests of the applicant.
The applicant will not request such private information from possible registrants and users of domain names under “.unicorn” gTLD. Thus no special measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of users or registrants are needed. Moreover, the limited scope of use of “.unicorn” domain name excludes any possible breach or infringement of user’s privacy rights.

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