18(b) How do you expect that your proposed gTLD will benefit registrants, Internet users, and others?

Prototypical answer:

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.hboHBO Registry Services, Inc.markmonitor.comView

i. What is the goal of your proposed gTLD in terms of areas of specialty, service levels, or reputation?


Applicantʹs primary goal is to secure the renowned HBO brand in this new Internet space to ensure that only Applicant and its affiliates are able to register and control the second-level domain names in the .HBO TLD. This will ensure that any internal uses for the TLD relate to HBO and any digital marketing uses remain appropriately targeted to HBO’s 92 million subscribers and fans, with focus on HBO’s acclaimed original programming and services.

Service levels

HBO has achieved industry recognition for its digital marketing efforts and owning the .HBO TLD will permit Applicant to explore additional digital marketing efforts via a global online identifier for HBO.


As noted above, HBO is well known for its quality original programming and has achieved industry recognition for its digital marketing efforts. Applicant recognizes that as the digital landscape evolves, the TLD may provide a global branded tool for digital marketing efforts. Consequently, Applicant is investing in the .HBO TLD to explore all avenues that may lead to reinforcing the positive association consumers already feel in connection with the HBO brand and its existing online presence.

ii. What do you anticipate your proposed gTLD will add to the current space, in terms of competition, differentiation, or innovation?


Assuming consumers embrace new top-level domains as they have HBO.com, Applicant, on behalf of HBO, could leverage a branded TLD to further enhance its online presence in all of its global markets via a streamlined digital marketing tool.


The TLD will be differentiated from all other top-level domains because only Applicant and its affiliates will be permitted to register or operate domain names within the TLD. With a focus on HBO and⁄or its acclaimed original programming and services, the TLD would be inherently different from all others.


HBO is already a recognized leader in online marketing. New TLDs may offer the ability to conduct more global digital marketing efforts in a streamlined fashion through an unmistakably strong branded TLD. This could present opportunities for HBO relating to search prominence for its online marketing efforts that could possibly lead to minimizing online diversion.

iii. What goals does your proposed gTLD have in terms of user experience?

When used, the TLD will offer consumers a secure experience tied to HBO and⁄or its acclaimed original programming and services. This security will come from knowing that all domain names in the TLD will be owned, operated and secured by Applicant, as contemplated in its inter-company arrangement with HBO. It’s well founded that when consumers know the source of communications, goods and services, their trust levels increase, enriching their online experience.

iv. Provide a complete description of the applicant’s intended registration policies in support of the goals listed above.

In order to support the goals listed above, only Applicant will be allowed to register domain names within the TLD. Accordingly, the general public will not be allowed to register, buy, or sell domain names in the TLD. Applicant, however, reserves the right to sell, distribute, or transfer control or use of any registrations in the TLD to any third party that is an affiliate of Applicant for uses as specified by Applicant.

As stated above, Applicant intends to operate a closed registry for the benefit of HBO. Accordingly, pursuant to the inter-company arrangement between Applicant and HBO, policies and decisions regarding the registration and use of domain names within the TLD will continue to be provided through an internal team consisting of HBO’s existing decision-making channels.

The TLD’s domain name policies will of course be limited by its abuse prevention and rights protection policies discussed further herein, and will strive to avoid registering domain names that are confusingly similar to third-party’s trademarks and related rights.

v. Will your proposed gTLD impose any measures for protecting the privacy or confidential information of registrants or users? If so, please describe any such measures.

Applicant intends to operate a registry with limited access which will by its nature ensure the security and privacy of the information available. If the TLD is made accessible to the public, Applicant will take commercially reasonable steps to maintain the security and privacy of the information collected therein.

vi. Describe whether and in what ways outreach and communications will help to achieve your projected benefits.

Use of the TLD for the internal purposes of Applicant and its affiliates will necessarily involve communication to employees about the security, control and usefulness of the TLD as a digital marketing tool and information resource. Should the TLD ultimately be made accessible to consumers other than employees, Applicant would likely take steps to link the TLD with its existing online marketing TLDs such as hbo.com to enhance awareness of this available resource.

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